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We talk about sex, sex toys, and the cultural trends and conversations happening around the sex toy industry. We talk about love and intimacy and the bonds that hold us together. We believe these conversations should be open and free and flowing like a good coffee shop conversation. Sex is sexy but it can also be fun, funny, quirky, outrageous, timid, kind, loving, intimidating, and so much more. The one thing sex should never be is BORING.

Sex Toy Reviews

Exploring Zumio E

Zumio X is now a big favorite at SexLoveCoffee but what about Zumio E, the latest in Zumio's line of rotating clitoral stimulators? What's new? What's different? Which one is best for you?

Liberator Black Label Esse Sex Chaise

Amazing Sex With These Top 12 Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys for couples can be used in many ways and for many reasons but our main focus here is to use couples sex toys to enhance and explore sexual boundaries. At SexLoveCoffee, we believe that the exploration of those sexual boundaries should be a lifelong journey. Let's take a trip!

Cock Sheaths and Sleeves

Join us on a deep dive into Cock Sleeves and Sheaths.

Why you want one and which ones are best for you.

Let's drop the stigmas about Cock Sleeves and Sheaths as a fix to small penis size and dysfunction. Yes, they can help with many issues but today's male enhancers are more about fun than size fixation. And with today's materials, these sex toys can actually feel amazing for everyone involved.

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Cock Sheath, in packaging

After owning a Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin cock sheath for over two years I decided it was time to get a new one and check out a few others.

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Micro Ribbed Cock Sheath in 7.5

What’s better than having a huge fat cock? Having a huge fat cock when you want it, and having your nice normal cock the rest of the year.

Rocco Breeder Cock Sleeve by Perfect Fit translucent SilaSkin

You will not find a better cock sleeve on the market today that increases penis girth and feels amazing.

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The Womanizer Pro40

A "his and her" review of the Womanizer Pro40 and a look at the increasing range of toy options in this new and world of Air Pulse stimulators. How do these compare to vibration? What is the sensation? Can men use them?

Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator fits in palm of hand

Aneros Tempo

Dive Safely into Butt Play with Aneros Tempo

The Aneros Tempo is designed to be equally pleasurable for both men and women, moving hands-free, with the contractions of your inner and outer sphincter muscles that occur naturally during sexual activity. We review the Tempo and provide a bit of advice on how to explore anal play without regret.

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