Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator

I bought the Womanizer Pro40 last year, after visiting New York’s Museum of Sex. The entrance to the museum is essentially a classy sex shop with everything from board games to the most phallic of fantasies. What intrigued me most was a small section of the shop totally dedicated to a type of sex toy that I had never seen before; air pulse stimulators. These devices use non-direct-contact air pulses to stimulate the clitoris and achieve orgasm. I tried a few of the devices on the back of my hand and felt the soft fluttery buzz. They’re definitely not designed to be used by men but I was immensely curious as to what this type of stimulation would feel like for a woman. I was with my brother that day (an amazing story I plan to share soon) and although I’m pretty open about these things I decided I’d do a little more research and purchase online.

When I got back home, I researched air pulse sex toys and ultimately, based on price, company reputation, and reviews, I picked the Womanizer Pro40 Clitoral Stimulator. Womanizer makes a number of different air pulse clitoral stimulators but this one had a ton of great reviews and seemed to have enough features without being overly complicated. Womanizer is also a German company with a reputation for quality products which gave me more confidence.

When it arrived, I was really excited to put it to use, but it took about a month before the right testing opportunity presented itself. Besides being a sex toy blogger with the stretch goal of normalizing a rainbow of sexual conversation across the globe, I’m a father, husband, son, brother, co-worker and friend to many so sometimes a good review takes a little longer than planned. Still, it was well worth the wait…

What She Said About the Womanizer Pro40…

Honestly, the sensation of the Womanizer Pro40 is difficult to compare to anything. It is truly unique. I tried to tell him that I thought it might be like having sex with a condom for a man; less sensitive, less intense, takes longer to get there, lets you last longer, but then the orgasm lasts longer too. I used this description because I was comparing it to a vibrator with direct touch stimulation to the clit. But the condom analogy breaks down because sex without a condom is clearly more sensitive for the man than sex with one, whereas an orgasm from a vibrator on my clit is simply different than one from the Womanizer Pro40. The big difference for me with a vibe versus air pulse is that air pulse stimulation takes me longer to build up to climax but, because of the indirect stimulation, I can keep the toy on my clit during orgasm and even after, and my orgasms are typically much longer than with a vibe which is very fast and intense but also very short. Of course, this is only my experience and I have heard that many women can cum very quickly with air pulse stimulation. UPDATE: After using the womanizer for a while now, I have gotten very comfortable with what works best for me and it has become one of my favorite toys for a quick solo orgasm!

The instructions say to use lots of lube which I did and is always a good idea with just about every toy on the market. The first night I used it, it was a “we” situation. We had been kissing and touching for quite some time. I had put on some lingerie to feel extra sexy and we had a hotel room for the night too (no kiddos, a little time away for us). He had brought a surprise grab bag of toys along, a reach your hand in and come up with something to make you cum situation. My first thought when I saw it was more of a “huh?” then an “uh okay.” At first glance, I wasn’t even sure where it was supposed to go but I was intrigued and fully willing to find out. This wasn’t the first time or the last time that he would pull a surprise out of the bag and the worst-case scenario is that I hate it and we toss it off to the side and continue on our own. That’s the amazing thing about sex toys used with your partner to enhance the experience together. In my opinion, the best way to use toys when at all possible.

After spinning it around in my hands and turning it off and on, I decided I’d rather be the passenger for this first round and let him be the driver. I know he’s already done the testing he could before bringing it to me and I know how excited he is to try it. After my inspection, I squirted some lube on the oval-shaped head and handed it back to him. I laid back with a few pillows behind my head, spread my legs, and felt the head of it push against my skin in a perfect oval around my clit. He started at the lowest air pulsing setting. It was soft. It didn’t cause me to jump or be startled like the start of a vibe. It was calm, intriguing; I could relax into it and it made me want more. He slowly increased the power 1, 2, 3.

“That’s good, stay there,” I said. He always kept it in place, around my clit, but moved it microscopically so the air pulses never felt too repetitive. It took me quite a while to climax, but it felt really good and inviting from the beginning.

When I finally did orgasm, I pee’d just a bit. He will call it a “squirt” but I’ve never been convinced about all that. Still, it was an interesting loss of control that only happens for me when I have a certain type of intense prolonged orgasm. I’ve used it another 5 or 6 times since then, about half of those with him. I prefer him to hold it but that’s just the queen diva in me. When I’m holding it, it can be more difficult to keep it where I want it and still get lost in the moment. I can still get to where I want to go but it takes a bit more effort for sure. He tells me that Womanizer does sell a model now with a larger handle for improved solo play but I think a little practice is all it really takes. (See Update Above)

Conclusion. Every woman should own one of these air pulse clit stimulators and I would recommend the Womanizer Pro40 or any of the Womanizer models that fit your specific desires. The option of two different head sizes is really nice and the overall quality is great. The only Con for me is keeping the right positioning over my clit while remaining in a comfortable position when using alone. Not a deal-breaker. It just means a little practice.

What He Said about the Womanizer Pro40

I’d been waiting for a chance to introduce this toy. Both because I was really interested to see if she would like it and also because I really wanted to see her initial reaction when she saw it. Neither was a disappointment. When she pulled it out of the bag her face had a clear indication of someone trying to spin a puzzle piece around in their head to see where it fits and not coming up with an acceptably probable answer. Fortunately, it’s a friendly shape and size, so there wasn’t any sense of apprehension, just intrigue.

I gave it to her and she played around with it a bit, turned it on and up and down. I confirmed that it was not meant for insertion. We both smiled. She asked that I take the controls. Not sure if that was what she wanted or what she thought that I wanted but she knows me well and I was happy to break her virgin air pulse cherry, so to speak. She lubed it up and gave it back to me and I carefully positioned the oval head around her clit and turned it on

It started with a low rumbling flutter. I moved it around a bit to find the best spot/angle and after settling in there, found that she seemed to like a very subtle movement. I never left the clit area and tried not to raise the Womanizer away from her body. If I did raise one side or the other, it would lose the seal with the skin, lessening the sensation, and making a louder flappy vibration noise. As I increased the vibration she gave me indications of how things felt and whether she wanted more. Sometimes directly with her words and other times just with the way she moved. For best results, the device remains relatively motionless on the women’s clit so the rest of her pussy is visible and accessible if desired. This is incredibly sexy as you can watch her pussy clench and pulse while she climaxes and also allows you to add a second toy or even for partners to have intercourse while holding the womanizer in place. Note: Using the Womanizer Pro40 during intercourse does work well but requires certain positions.

For its size, this device is not quite. It’s not as loud as a large vibe like the Hitachi Magic Wand but the unique flappy sound might be heard under a door, for example, and it is notably louder when it loses contact with the body. Worth noting that Womanizer has introduced a few models now that are a bit more pricey but turn off and on automatically based on pressure/contact to the skin so instead of getting the loud flappy sound, the device just turns off when losing contact. (If this is important to you, check out the Womanizer Premium)

The Womanizer starts really soft but goes up in intensity pretty quickly. I slowly increased the intensity over the course of 5 or 6 minutes to level 4. We stayed there for about a minute before she asked to turn it down a notch and we settled in at level 3 for the rest of the session. I softly rubbed her lips just a bit with my free hand but I resisted the urge to do anything more. I wanted her to be able to focus on the sensation of the air pulsing on her clit and nothing more. She seemed to be close to orgasm within 8 or 9 minutes and then stayed near climax for another 3 or 4 before going over the edge. When she orgasmed, she did those beautiful full body quivers but held stiller than usual and pushed her hips slightly up and into the device instead of pulling away as she does when coming from a vibrator. She even pushed up and rocked into the device 4 or 5 times as she came down from orgasm. As she slowed, I clicked back down to the slowest setting and held it in place for another few seconds and then held the power button for a few seconds to turn it fully off while still in place. Visually, it was an amazing sight and she clearly enjoyed herself. One huge benefit was that we had sex immediately afterward and her clit wasn’t numb like it would have been from a vibrator, so she could still accept the stimulation on her clit of my pubic bone as I pushed inside of her. In fact, she easily came again before I did so the rumors that air pulse can help to achieve multiple orgasms may hold some truth.

Conclusion: Sometimes I wish I had a clit.

Our Ratings
• Noise Level – Mid to High if you lose contact with skin during use
• User Ergonomics – Great for solo and good for partner play with a more limited selection of positions that work.
• Cum Meter – 7 for speed (may take some longer to cum than with vibrator), 9 for orgasm quality
• Co-Play – Great for use with a friend. It is only meant for clit stimulation but can be used with other toys, during intercourse, or all alone. So many options.
• Unique feel – 10 for new category of toy although there are many air pulse stimulators on the market as I update this review.

Notes on Womanizer Pro40 Use:

  • 6 speed settings, each progressively faster, much like a vibrator.
  • 2 head sizes. Good for different size and shape clitoris and potentially nipples
  • Turns on with long push of power button and always turns on at lowest air pulse setting
  • While in use, quick press on power button turns air pulse back to lowest setting while long hold on power button turns unit off.
  • Green flashing light in head while charging, solid light indicates full charge.
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Rechargeable USB (Charge for 120 minutes for up to 240 minutes of use)

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