Seven Absolutely Beautiful and Unique Sex Toys

Unique Sex Toys - Tantus Bishop

Tantus Bishop

When compiling a list of the most unique sex toys, you have to include a piece from at least one board game. Queen to King’s Bishop five… CheckMate from Tantus and the Bishop. This unique sex toy might not be considered beautiful at first blush but the beauty is in its disguise and size: standing 11″ tall and weighing in at almost 3 pounds. Buy two and display them proudly on either side of the mantle. Chess fans, gamers, and sexual deviants alike will love the look and any guest who knows its dual purpose will likely keep their mouth shut.

Unique Sex Toys - Lelo YVA

Lelo YVA

Lelo is already known for its artistic high-end toys, so what happens if you decide to make them even sexier with unique materials, precious compounds, and even gemstones. While these toys are clearly toys of the adult variety, they are so over the top that you’ll be proud to place them in your lighted glass display (if anyone actually still owns a lighted glass display). Oh… and you’ll have to shell out a few grand too. Prices on this gold line start at $3900.

Unique Sex Toys - Tenga 3D Polygon

Tenga 3D Polygon

The Tenga 3D product line creates beautiful exterior designs like the Polygon, winner of a 2012 Red Dot Design Award. Resembling a mini origami lamp, the Tenga 3D polygon isn’t new but it’s style definitely stands the test of time. This “mid-century modern” space-aged male masterbator is what I imagine George Jetson’s handheld would have looked like. However, George would have been upset at its lack of automation as the Tenga 3D polygon is fully manual.

The genius of this unique sex toy is that the exterior beauty is actually flipped outside-in to provide the stoking surface around the penis while in use. I haven’t tried one yet but if I do get my hands on one of these I’ll see if I can pop a little LED light inside for a some mood lighting when not in official use. See the whole line of Tenga 3D variations on YouTube

Unique Sex Toys - Bad Dragon IKA

Bad Dragon IKA – Now this is truly a UNIQUE sex toy

If you’re into sex with dragons, sea creatures, aliens and/or any mythical creatures, Bad Dragon is the place for you. From Dildos to male masterbators, wearables, and sleeves, Bad Dragon toys give you the opportunity to fuck your freakiest fantasy. Introducing Ika, a regal octopus arm ripped from the pages of Moby Dick. With 5 sizes, the smallest measuring 6.5 inches long and the largest an absurd 15 inches long, there’s a tentacle size for every desire. This toy fits in just about anywhere– a toy box, a sculpture shelf, an aquarium, or apparently, in an ass or pussy. The Ika is just one of the many unique fantasy toys at Bad Dragon.

Unique Sex Toys - Bloom Plus by Leaf

Bloom Plus by Leaf

There’s a number of primarily non-penetration vibrators on the market today in a whole host of interesting shapes and sizes. Drawing from nature, geometry, or the abstract, these little vibrators can push the envelopes of expected form. The Bloom Plus by Leaf is one such vibe. With two vibrating motors, one on each end, it creates a unique set of opportunities. Buy six or more and they can be arranged as a center piece bouquet.

Unique Sex Toys - Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is simply beautiful. It’s truly art. The swooping shape, the perfectly shaped “Pelotas” on each end. Why Pelotas and not “Balls?” Because the balls on the Njoy Pure Wand are so elegant the word “balls” is just too blunt… too crude. This toy needs to be described by words from a romance language that roll off the tongue. I haven’t seen it yet but I imagine that someone, somewhere has bought 20 or 30 or 50 of these toys and created one amazing art installation. If not, challenge made.

Unique Sex Toys - Tantus Bido Affinity Nipple Clamps

Tantus Bido affinity nipple clamps

Are these earrings or cuff links? Neither. These are the Tantus Bido Affinity Nipple Clamps. Whatever they’re supposed to be they have that quality look and a design creativity to be appreciated. I’m ordering mine just to show my appreciation for good design and you can bet I’m going to figure out how to wear these “cuff links” on my next outing with my lady.

With the ongoing evolution of design software, 3D printing, manufacturing processes, and materials, this is an exciting time for the sex toy industry. I can’t wait to see what 2020 has to offer. (Side note: was a really interesting and fun resource for this article and for anything design related. I encourage anyone to check it out.)

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