Honey Pot by Eden Fantasys

The Quest for the Perfect Male Masturbator Continues with our Honey Pot review…

For many men, the experience of slowly sliding yourself into the lustful lips of a wet warm real pussy attached to a real woman is one of lifes great pleasure. It’s hard to describe; It’s magic. I assume that for many women, the reverse is true; the pleasure of feeling a penis sliding into you attached to a real man that you desire sexually. Dildos and male masturbators, to some extent, try to emmitate or enhance the penetration experience but the sheer complexity of the vagina seems to make it much more difficult to replicate. To this day, I have seen many extremely realistic dildos that based on feedback from women, feel like a real penis but I have still never seen a male masturbator that looks and feels like a real vagina. Despite that fact or maybe because of it, my quest for a legitimate approximation of the female vagina continues with this review of the Honey Pot by Eden Fantasys.

With the right lighting and a soft filter, the Honey Pot’s lips and clitoris are actually pretty realistic.

The Honey Pot has a ‘list price’ of approximately $130 and a current sale price of around $20. At $20, I would consider it a good value but don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting a luxury male masturbator at a discounted price. It’s simply a good low-cost option. With a cheaper feeling exterior case, AAA battery power (not rechargeable), and simple non-impactful vibration it’s original $130 price tag seems a bit disingenuous. Where the Honey Pot does shine is in the interior and exterior quality of its TPR material.

  • Recommendation: At sale price (Under $25) it’s a good basic male masturbator
  • As Advertised: Yes and no. TPR material and outer pussy lips are quality but vibration is not very effective and louder than expected
  • Key Attributes: TPR Material feels good although tighter than a real vagina (maybe too tight when your sensitive post ejaculation)
  • Comparable Products: The Tenga Hole is a variation on this type of tool with some different pros and cons
  • Value: Good value at approximately $20 price point
  • Pros: Attractive outer pussy, Interior feels good, 7″ inch insertable length, comes apart for cleaning
  • Cons: A little tight at times (creating too much friction), poor vibration
  • Novelty or Mainstay: Novelty

Interior TPR Texture/Material

The Honey Pot is made with a good quality TPR at this price. The interior has a series of different textures to attempt to simulate the vaginal walls. The actual opening is extremely small and then stretches to accommodate your penis but this also creates an unrealistically tight seal around your shaft as you first enter. Also, the TPR material is soft, but still not as soft as a real vagina. My experience was that the moment I came, the texture of the TPR was immediately too aggressive and almost hurt so it didn’t allow me to have the good feeling of those few post ejaculation strokes. Still, it did feel good enough to make me come so you can’t overlook that.

Exterior TPR Pussy Lips

For me, there is always something a bit more alarming about a sex toy that replicates a detached vagina than a detached penis. Maybe this is just because dildos are everywhere but I think it also has to do with the anatomy itself. Anyway, when I get that out of my head and focus just on the exterior TPR and the lips of the Honey Pot, it really is a pretty good replication. The Lips, clitoris and clitoral hood all look quite realistic or at least realistic enough to fantasize a bit while you rub the head of your penis against them.

Vibration Settings

According to Eden Fantasys the vibration intensity is ‘high’ and the noise level is ‘low’ but I would say quite the opposite. It’s pretty loud and for me, the vibration was too high pitched and distant feeling to have any real impact. Vibration is controlled via a small dial and simply turns up and down with no variations or patterns. After trying it at different vibration levels and feeling no significant pleasure from the vibration, I simply turned it off.


This is not a recharchable device which in todays sex toy market takes it clearly out of the luxury or upper echalon of sex toys. It requires 3AAA batteries inserted at the base. I assume these will last for quite a long time but this was not tested. Also note that with toys that use insertable batteries, it is a good idea to take them out of the toy if it is going to be sitting unused for a period of time.

Cleaning the Honey Pot

The ability to clean a toy like this is essential and the Honey Pot is well designed in that sense. The vibrating base is easily removable and the entire TPR vagina insert can be removed from the hard outer shell casing as well. It is essential to clean both the shell and the TPR vagina insert with soap and water after each use and spraying with a bit of toy cleaner is also a good idea. Side note that with the base vibrator removed the toy definitely becomes submersible for tub or shower use.


  • Color: Beige
  • Length: 8 3/4″
  • Fits up to: Any size
  • Circumference: 10″
  • Vaginal depth: 7″
  • Weight: 1.2 lb


  • Functions: Multispeed / Vibrating
  • Control type: Vibration dial
  • Powered By: 3 AAA Batteries


  • Material: TPR
  • Safety features: Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Texture: Smooth

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