Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

I’ve been very eager to try the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples as part of an ongoing series of pressure wave/air-pulse clitoral stimulator reviews. Although this sex toy could be used for solo masturbation it is clearly designed to be used by couples during penetrative sex. While one end is inserted into the vagina, the other end’s soft oval opening surrounds the clitoris and creates various intensities of pressure waves (touchless-air pulsing stimulation). Meanwhile, the inserted portion of the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples has a separate vibrating motor that stimulates both the woman’s G-Spot and the shaft of the penis at the same time.

NOTE: In my opinion, the best part of this review is HER story. If you’re short on time and horny, skip down to FIRST USE – HER EXPERIENCE – THE EROTIC STORY.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples – First Impressions

I should begin by noting that our first use of this sex toy was after a week apart and we were both extremely horny. The final results were unexpectedly amazing – although it was an awkward path to get there (details below). Satisfyer is a quality brand and the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is clearly a quality product. It’s soft-feeling, creamy-white silicone body with rose gold control buttons has a luxury look and feel. The silicone oval that surrounds the clitoris is also removable for easy cleaning or replacement, and the entire toy is waterproof which makes it both easy to clean and also fun for the bathtub. My only concern when looking at the device was that the insertable portion seemed to be a bit too pointy – like a finger with a long tipped nail. Other insertable devices of this type (U-shaped toys that insert into the vagina and wrap around the clitoris) typically have a more rounded insertable portion, so the sharpness of this insertable looks intimidating.

First Use (His Notes)

When SHE first looked at the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples her face looked a bit skeptical and even more so when I told her that the pointy end was to be inserted into her vagina where my penis would soon join. After I showed her the basic controls, she took a few minutes to play around with it and see what setting felt good to her. She immediately loved the pressure waves (this relatively new type of stimulation for the clitoris has become one of her favorites) but had a hard time finding a vibration pattern that she really thought enhanced the experience. Finally, she picked one and I climbed on top of her to try and slide myself into the mix (missionary position – which is the picture that Satisfyer uses in their advertising for the product). This position was both really awkward and pretty unsuccessful to the point that we almost gave up. Although we were able to get everything in place, some combination of my body pushing the device down into her too much or the angle and the pointy nature of the insertable portion plus my movement made it difficult to keep the pressure wave oval over her clitoris.

We decided to try again but with her on top of me (Cowgirl position). This was so much better and natural feeling because she could control the movements and create just the right amount of downward pressure to keep the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples in place and feeling good. Whatever position works for you, we came to the conclusion that it is really important to let HER be in control because she is the one that can feel and make minor adjustments to get the correct positioning of the oval pressure wave stimulator. In Cowgirl, it was much easier for HER to reach the controls to increase/decrease the pressure waves and vibration patterns. However, the increase/decrease buttons for the pressure waves have upraised symbols which makes them much easier to find, when the device is sandwiched between a man and a woman, but the vibration button is tucked down a bit lower with no brail-like symbol making it more difficult to control.

To this point, the overall experience was pretty poor, but when we did finally get everything in place, she looked down at me, smiled and said, “oh, there it is; I can definitely cum like this.”

For me, the sexiest part was watching her pleasure but the increased pressure of being inside of her with the toy felt good as well. I think the vibrations felt good too but she found them to be a bit of a distraction so we actually went with no vibrations and just Pressure Waves once we were in the magical position. The rest of the testing experience was amazing, but better told by her (see below).

The vibrating insertable arm of the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a bit pointy but very soft and flexible allowing the penis to push it up and create pressure on the G-Spot (Please excuse the dry hands or recommend a hand lotion 🙂 )

First Use – Her Experience – The erotic story

When I got back from my work trip, I was horny and wanted to make love to my man. He was horny too but really wanted us to try this new sex toy. I was a bit skeptical. I love the air-pulse/pressure wave sensation that I’ve experienced with a few other toys, but I wasn’t sure about also having a vibrating insertable portion of the device AND also having a penis inside of me at the same time. It seemed like a very awkward concept, and honestly, the process of first-time experimentation and getting everything in place was exactly that – awkward. But, once we figured out the position that worked for us and the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples was nestled securely in position, it was unexpectedly OUT OF THIS WORLD.

When I told him, ‘I can definitely cum,’ it was this funny moment where I went from fully frustrated to ‘oh fuck’ type of bliss in just a few seconds. It felt like this was a toy that had lots of wrong ways for couples to use it, but when you found that magical set of angles in was almost an instantaneous orgasm. For us, it was Cowgirl position with the insertable portion inside of me along with his penis and no vibration. I found that for me, the pressure of him and the device on my G-spot was enough internal stimulation and the vibrations just became too much and also somehow took away from my ability to concentrate on the pressure waves surrounding my clitoris. On another day, maybe I would have loved the vibration too, but this was the perfect combo of positions and control settings for this day.

Within only a few minutes of finding that perfect position and control settings, I had my FIRST orgasm – but then something really strange happened. I didn’t come all the way down again. My orgasm intensity dipped down so I was outside of that full orgasm feeling, but I remained ‘on the edge’ of another orgasm. I stayed right there, moving in slow slight motions while keeping the oval of the pressure waves securely over my clit. That’s when I came the second time. Another strong full orgasm. This time, my arousal level dipped a bit more; enough for me to take a breath or two but leaving everything in position still felt really good. I think I babbled something like, “that was… wow different” as I pushed my forehead into his and let the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples continue to generate those pressure waves. It was strange how I didn’t become sensitive and need the toy removed right after orgasm, which is the case with a vibrator, but instead, my clitoris somehow retained this level of pre-orgasm arousal and desire. But, this time I was sure I was done, it just felt good to leave it there for a bit longer. And then it happened.

Suddenly, I could feel it building again. Pulling my forehead back, I looked down at him, “I think I’m going to cum… again.”

“Do it” he said as he reached up and squeezed my tits.

I began to feel a total loss of control with everything below the waist and I suddenly felt a little self-conscious. “I might pee,” I said quickly.

“Cum for me. Pee on me. You’re so sexy. Let go. Let go. Feel it!” He responded staring up at me intensely and giving me the exact reassurance I needed to lose myself in the moment.

And then I did let go. My third orgasm exploded – long and sustained with a total loss of control. Whether it was pee, female ejaculate (squirt) or some combination, he was completely soaked along with the sheets as I collapsed down to catch my breath and apologize for all the wetness. He reassured me again that I should never apologize for wetness no matter how wet things got, but I still felt a little overcome with emotions; euphoric, energized, insecure, drained. I nuzzled into him and he held me until the feelings had leveled out into simple post-orgasm bliss.

It was definitely a struggle to get things in the right place but once everything was situated… Wow.


All said and done, there is a lot of good in this toy as well as some areas for improvement. It is difficult to get into place and keep in place. The internal arm can feel uncomfortable with its pointy tip and the vibrations can be high pitched and overwhelming. But, having said all that, if you are willing to stick with it, communicate with each other and get everything into that perfect position, it can be absolutely amazing. The story above is real. SHE had 3 orgasms and was completely blown away and I still close my eyes and remember the sensations I felt and sounds she made.

  • Recommendation: Difficult to get into place perfectly but oh so pleasurable once you are there. This is an amazing toy if you are a couple with a little patience and good communication
  • As Advertised: Yes, but getting in the right position is the real challenge
  • Key Attributes: Pressure Wave Oval for clitoral stimulation (11 intensities) plus insertable vibration for couples play (10 vibration patterns)
  • Comparable Products: We-Vibe (U Shaped couples toy with two vibrating motors to stimulate the clitoris and g-spot as well as the shaft of the penis),
  • Value: Good value. Not the cheapest or most expensive of these dual stimulation couples toys but very unique in its combination of Pressure Waves and vibration
  • Pros: Quality design and materials, ‘touchless’ pleasing clitoral pressure waves, insertable vibration, ability to give multiple orgasms during couples play
  • Cons: Insertable is a bit pointy, Internal vibration with external clitoral pressure waves may be too much for some, especially when penis is inserted too. controls are a bit hard to find and use when sandwiched between two people.
  • Novelty or Mainstay: Definitely a toy that is fun to have in the rotation but probably used less frequently due to the complications of getting everything into place. Still, I would be surprised if SHE didn’t ask for it again.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples specs

  • Weight: 157 g (5.5 ounces)
  • Length: 115 mm (4.5 inches)
  • Breadth: 10 – 25 mm (.4 to 1 inches)
  • Height: 8 – 15 mm (.31 to .59 inches)
  • Battery: Rechargeable Battery
  • Material: ABS plastic, Silicone
  • Color: Rose gold, White
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • 10 Pressure Wave intensities
  • 11 Vibration patterns

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Control Details

There is a bit of a learning curve to understanding the Pro 4 Couples controls. This is true for many new toys and the controls are really quite simple once you understand the basics.

  • Power button for pressure waves (2 second hold starts waves at lowest setting)
  • Plus and Minus buttons for pressure waves (step up or down to increase or decrease the pressure wave intensity, 11 levels)
  • Vibration button (2 second hold turns vibrations on or off. Once on, click same button to scroll through 10 vibration patterns)

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