The Artist’s Touch

Emma’s eyes grew wide and her knees weak as she walked into the room. Autumn entered next and Sam followed, closing the door softly behind them. It was overwhelming, like nothing she had seen before. Her hand instinctively reached out to steady herself against the only furniture sitting in the center of the room — a large black desk devoid of a single object, with a matching office chair tucked neatly in front.

The room had four walls but no windows and each wall held an erotic work of art perfectly centered and surrounded by built-in shelving. One wall featured a watercolor of two naked women wrapped around each other. Emma recognized Autumn’s work immediately. She loved Autumn’s work. Another wall held a black and white photo of a naked, masked woman — legs spread, eyes piercing through the mask and into the camera. The focal point was fixed on her eyes, pulling the viewer into the painting and leaving one yearning to unblur the most erotic areas forced on the imagination. A third wall had a large phallic stone carving protruding from it and the fourth wall had a life-like painting of a naked man and woman holding hands on an altar, seemingly exchanging vows.

Surrounding the art was a collection of sex toys like she had never imagined. Hundreds of toys organized by type and color. Rows of realistic dildos, non-realistic dildos, fantasy dragon dildos, vibrating wands, vibrating everything, air pulse toys, male masturbators, fuck machines, masks, whips, restraints, and things that left her only with questions — ‘What goes where?’ and ‘Who does what?’ and simply ‘Why?’

Emma suddenly felt a little inexperienced; a little awkward; a little naive. She had a rabbit vibrator at home and a pair of handcuffs that an ex-boyfriend had used with her during her only real role-playing experience. And that was about it. She had talked a good game with Autumn and Sam. She had been overtly sexual with both of them and that wasn’t a front…she was highly sexual in her own right. But now, in this room devoted purely to erotic pleasure, she realized the grand canyon-sized gap between her experience level and that of her hosts.

Sam broke the awkward silence with a smile and his masculine casual tone, “It’s a lot to take in.”

Autumn added, “We’ve been doing this for a long time. It’s taken over ten years to build this collection and now we’re at the point that every new toy has to displace another.”

Sam laughed, “Don’t let Autumn fool you. I don’t think we’ve ever thrown away a sex toy, at least not a good one. This room is only the current collection on display. We have another closet full of boxes, like a museum archive.”

Emma was appreciative that both Sam and Autumn had stepped up to maintain the conversation and avoid an awkward silence as she collected her thoughts. Earlier that evening, at the art gallery, she was shocked to be invited back to the private party of Autumn Delphi, her favorite erotic artist. And now, she was standing with Autumn and her husband Sam in their private erotic toy museum.

“What’s your favorite toy?” Emma managed. She knew it was a weak opening comment after the amazing conversation the three had shared minutes before, but it was the best she had at the moment.

Autumn jumped on the question before Sam had a chance to respond. “Favorite?… hmm… I don’t have a favorite. How could you? Maybe a favorite by category. Like dildos. See that tan one, second shelf, two from the left?” She pointed with her finger. “That one fits me just right. The length and width fill me up and then give me just that little bit extra I like when I’m about to cum… and its double-density so it feels so damn real if you heat it up a bit before use.”

Emma stepped toward the shelf to get a closer look at the dildo in question. She was a true millennial, as it only took moments for her to regain her composure after seeing the massive collection and replace those fears of the unknown with, at least, all-knowing surface-level confidence.

She lifted the dildo up and ran her hand over its realistic veins and then squeezed its shaft playfully. “What about the most unique toy, or maybe the one that can make you cum the fastest?” This time her question fully regained that sexy confidence she had displayed in their previous banter; the conversation that had gotten her this impromptu private viewing of the couples’ sex toy museum.

Autumn pulled the desk chair out and sat down slowly. “That’s easy. Or at least I have a toy that comes to mind.” She leaned forward in the office chair and pulled open the slim under-desk drawer. Her lips, that had started with a very slight smile, slowly moved toward a full grinning set of teeth as she pulled a long, skinny toy from the drawer and turned her hand over for all to see. “This is one of my new favorites and tops in both of those categories. I call it-”

“The Drill Sergeant,” Sam finished her sentence with a chuckle. “I thought that’s where you were going.”

The toy was artfully shaped with the lower half resembling an aerodynamic electric toothbrush handle. On the other end, it quickly narrowed to an antenna-like width with a small quarter-inch ball on the end of its ‘antenna’. It was molded in feminine purple tones and beautifully crafted, but a bit surgical-looking as it had both a look of precision and held no resemblance to any human sexual anatomy.

“What is it?” Emma laughed. “Looks like a dental tool or a beauty care solution…. some kind of miracle under eye wand massager?” She laughed again, “Does it go inside?”

“No dear. It’s strictly for external use. But it looks like nothing else in this room and it will make you cum faster than anything I know of. That’s what you asked for, right?” Autumn responded as the distinction between young sexual explorer and experienced sexual artist/educator became increasingly pronounced.

“I’m not sure that I asked for it, for myself… I was just asking what did it for you, and I don’t think that toy could make me cum faster than my own, ever knowing, nimble fingers.” Emma responded with her regained cocky wit and youthful skepticism.

Autumn laughed as she turned the toy on and the head began to spin quickly in little oval-like circles. “It’s not a vibrator. It has a truly unique motion that intensifies with pressure and creates pinpoint pleasure. Your clit won’t have a choice but to cum.”

“Is this happening now?” Emma half-joked.

Autumn’s smile turned a bit devilish, “Tell you what, there’s three of us in this room so let’s stick with the number three. If Sam, I, and The Drill Sergeant can make you cum in three minutes, you get the gift of an amazing orgasm. If we can’t, I’ll give you one of my original paintings from the gallery opening.”

Emma paused only for a moment, “Game on.” And with that, she reached up and under her dress, pulling her panties down and over her stilettos. “Where do you want me?”

Autumn pushed her chair back from the table. “Sam, I want you to sit back on the table and Emma’s going to sit on the edge of the table between your legs.”

Sam did as he was instructed, sitting down on the table and sliding back until the back of his knees hit the table’s edge. Emma walked toward him slowly and stood in front of him. She had been instantly attracted to Sam from the moment she saw him at the gallery; only respectfully flirting with him all night. OK, maybe even disrespectfully, before realizing Autumn was his wife.

Sam reached forward and took Emma’s hand. “Are you good with this?”

Emma nodded with confidence, “I’m about to win an Autumn Delphi original.”

“What if you don’t?” Sam inquired, tilting his head and looking kindly into her eyes.

“I guess I go home with an orgasm and a hell of a story?” said Emma playfully as she turned and pressed her ass back into Sam’s groin.

Autumn now had the singular focus of an artist consumed by their craft. One moment she was the sensual director of an erotic scene, the next, a sexual teacher, and then finally the artist sculpting her subject’s body with the tools of her trade.

Autumn continued, “Sam will take care of your body’s need to be held; to be surrounded by the warmth of another person. Your body needs that physical touch to relax and let go. The Drill Sergeant and I will take care of the rest.”

“Why do you call it the Drill Sergeant? It sounds a little scary,” asked Emma, as she felt the warmth of Sam’s body behind her.

Autumn raised both eyebrows twice, somehow both comically and seductively, “I was an army brat. Lots to unpack, deep in the psyche, and I’m sure that’s why I pursued art and deeper sexual connections…but without enlisting a shrink, the name just came to me. When it tells you to cum, you cum. There are no questions. You just do what it tells you to. Just like a Drill Sergeant.”

Sam’s breath now warmed Emma’s skin. They had never kissed before, but she could feel the tender touch of his lips against the nape of her neck. Unfamiliar, yet intimate. It didn’t seem quite fair that the timer hadn’t officially started and she could already, in only a few seconds, feel herself getting wet. Not that she was complaining.

Autumn moved her chair into position and guided Emma’s feet onto each armrest as she watched Emma relax visibly into Sam. The position naturally parted Emma’s legs and her short dress slid back and up her raised thighs toward her waist. Underneath, Autumn got her first look at the pussy she had been fantasizing about since the gallery event. Autumn loved the female anatomy and she considered all pussies beautiful, but she had to stop for just a moment to marvel at the stunning nature of Emma’s lips, partially covered in shadows.

Autumn pushed Emma’s dress up a little more and softly rubbed her entire pussy with the palm of her hand. “Are you ready?”

“You better start that timer,” replied Emma.

“Oh yes, the timer,” Autumn laughed. “Sam, can you do the honors.”

Sam shifted slightly and leaned back to pull his cell phone out of his pocket. He tapped the screen a few times and placed it on the table to their right so everyone could see. The screen read: 3:00.

Sam paused to pull Emma back into position and this time she could feel his fully erect cock at her back. “Ready, set, go,” Sam whispered into Emma’s ear as he tapped the phone once more and the timer began to count down… 2:59… 2:58.

Autumn turned The Drill Sergeant to level two and slowly ran the oscillating stem of the tool up Emma’s leg until it rested against her outer labia. Then upward toward her clitoris — but only hinting at a touch before sliding up and over and then traveling down the other side. “I’ve got to wake this little pussy up before she cums,” Autumn said as she seemed blissfully unaware that there was any time limit on this adventure.

Emma found Autumn’s confidence incredibly sexy and a little maddening. Her poise was undeniable. The touch of the toy on her lips felt different than she had imagined and she was getting wetter by the moment, but she was miles away from any climactic ecstasy.

Sam’s hands now shifted down for a moment and rubbed Emma’s inner thighs, his kisses growing stronger on her neck and ears. She couldn’t help but imagine reaching back to feel his cock through his pants, but that would only make her wetter — and damn, she really wanted to win that painting.

Autumn’s pinky pushed one side of Emma’s lips open and a string of Emma’s juices glistened across her opening for a brief moment. “Oh honey, that little pussy’s almost ready.”

“Two minutes,” said Emma, in a confident tone.

Autumn rubbed Emma’s wetness up and onto her clit and then slowly laid the toy flat and moved the stem directly over her most sensitive zone. She paused to feel Emma quiver and then began a repeated process of sliding the stem up and over her clit, feeling her reactions, and adjusting pressure and location microscopically.

“Ninety seconds,” Emma said, her voice a bit louder, her breath quickening. Oh fuck, that feels good, she thought as her body tensed, hands digging into Sam’s thighs.

Autumn moved the stem of the toy back over Emma’s clit again and this time she pushed a bit harder, causing the oscillating vibrations to deepen.

“Time’s ticking,” Emma managed with significantly less confidence as her internal monologue ran something like, Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Hold on. Hold on.

“Thanks for keeping track,” Autumn moved the toy slightly again. “I could lose myself in this pussy. But you’re right, and you’re ready.”

And with that Autumn pulled the stem of the toy up and pushed only the small ball-like oscillating tip against Emma’s skin. With one hand pushing Emma’s clitoral hood up and the tip of the toy tracing small circles around Emma’s clit, you could hear it building in her breath. Sam could sense it too as his hands quickly moved under Emma’s blouse and over her breasts, digging over the top of her bra and pulling her nipples up and out, pinching them softly.

“Thirty…fucking…seconds,” Emma gasped.

“It’s already over honey,” said Autumn as she pressed a button to reach level three and moved the tip of the tool into its final position sitting directly on — but just above and to the right — of Emma’s clit. And finally, Autumn applied that pressure, down and back, deepening the oscillating vibrations and driving them into the heart of Emma’s pussy.

“Fuck,” Emma groaned. “Fifteen fucking… oh fuck that feels so fucking ahhhhh…” The distinction between Emma’s external communication and internal thoughts was now a complete blur.

As Emma’s body seized forward, she pushed back into Sam and orgasmed at the command of The Drill Sergeant. Autumn knew the power of that orgasm and the sensitivity of her clit and pulled the toy away at the perfect moment, finishing Emma off with rapid yet soft rubbing of her pussy with the palm of her hand and fingers.

“Time,” said Sam.

“Damn, I wanted that painting,” Emma sighed as she relaxed back into Sam.

“It wasn’t all bad I hope,” said Autumn as she set the toy on the desk and took one long, last look at Emma’s engorged lips.

“No, it was an amazing experience. I just love your work,” replied Emma.

“I’ll tell you what,” Autumn continued, “if you and Sam are up for it, I’d like to paint the two of you together. An abstract watercolor of you riding Sam with the soft morning light that streams into our sitting room. Maybe next weekend? The painting would be my gift to you for being such a good sport.”

“Anything for art,” Sam said with a chuckle.

Now Emma’s body fully relaxed back into Sam with the thought of him spreading her apart while Autumn put paint to canvas. “My very own Autumn Delphi original of me and the famed artist’s husband fucking in their sitting room? I’m in.”

Curious about the toy in this story? Learn more at Zumio.

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