Zumio X – The Best Clitoral Stimulator?

The Quest for new sensations

Its’ been a few years since the Zumio X debuted and despite winning multiple awards for innovative design (Xbiz Europa Best New Product 2018, ADULTEX Best Female Product 2019) it still seems to be a bit of an outsider in the sex toy world. Finding new and innovative ways to stimulate the human body is becoming both more difficult and increasingly competitive, and Zumio clearly came up with a unique approach to stimulating and exploring the clitoris in particular.

First, I want to thank Zumio for coming up with something that is both original in style, technique, and even mental approach to reaching orgasm. Reviewing sex toys can be a lot of fun, but it can also be surprisingly repetitive at times – the Zumio X is clearly not a clone of any other toy on the market.

In fact, it’s uniqueness sparked a bit of my own creativity in “The Artists Touch,” an erotic short story in which Zumio plays a pivotal and climactic role.

The Artists Touch

Autumn rubbed Emma’s wetness up and onto her clit, then slowly laid the toy flat and moved the stem directly over her most sensitive zone. She paused to feel Emma quiver…… (Read More)

Now, getting down to business….

Does Zumio X deliver the toe-curling orgasm you’re looking for? The short answer is YES. The longer answer is still YES, but you should really understand the concepts behind the toy and the way that Zumio approaches sexual exploration, the clitoris, and the mighty orgasm.

A quick anatomy lesson

by Odile Fillod and Philippe Cosentino. Credit: Marie Docher

A 2020 article, The Clitoris, Uncovered: An Intimate History, appeared recently in Scientific America. It’s a quick read, although the research behind it is extremely in-depth and well documented. The gist is that although the clitoris has long been considered to be only the small extrusion just under the clitoral hood (the small curved head at the top of this 3-D Model), it actually is much larger and extends down each side of the vagina. This is an important distinction as this review will often mention exploring the clitoris in its entirety, which only makes sense if you have a broader understanding of the true size and sprawling nature of the clitoris itself. Although the small head – commonly referred to as the “clit” – is the most sensitive area and most connected to orgasm, stimulation to all areas of the clitoris is enjoyable, educational, and can build total arousal to make final climax that much more intense and enjoyable.

As indicated in one of Zumio’s use diagram above, the Zumio X is designed to be applied to the skin via the tip of the tool (the little round ball) or via the sides of the stylus. They encourage users to explore and warm up the entire clitoris using both the tip and the sides of the stylus prior to moving toward the head of the clitoris to attempt orgasm. This is good advice as the pin-point stimulation of the stylus allows a unique opportunity to feel sensation in specific areas (exploration). It is also good advice because that ability to create targeted stimulation means you really need to raise your level of arousal to comfortably approach the most sensitive part of the clitoris with the intense and accurate stimulation of this toy.

Spoiler Alert: to buy or not to buy

  • Recommendation: This is an extraordinary tool for exploring ALL of the clitoris and/or reaching climax quickly and consistently. Just under $100, it’s well worth the price.
  • Key Attributes: Unique form and stimulation method using circular rotation instead of standard vibration or the air-pulse/pressure waves of other clitoral stimulators.
  • Comparable Products: No true comparables at this time. I’m starting to see some knock-offs, but this is a unique toy.
  • Value: (Our perception of price vs. effectiveness): Unique quality product for under $100.
  • Pros: Very intense, pinpoint stimulation, intensity controlled by both speed and applied pressure
  • Cons: Stimulation can be too intense at times, especially immediately after orgasm
  • Alternatives: None at this time

Our experience with Zumio X

Her Thoughts

Every relationship has its shared responsibilities and Eli and I are no different. When it comes to sex toys, he is the seeker of new and interesting toys, and, for those that require female parts, I am the lucky woman that gets to test them. Sometimes we buy them together, but much of the time it is Eli teasing me for a day or two with descriptions of what toy he has coming next before finally letting me get my hands on the real thing. Usually, I’m happy with his selections and every now and then I’m not. One thing I’ve learned is to give every toy a chance, no matter what it looks like. And that’s something I needed to remind myself of when I first looked at the Zumio X.

The Zumio X is actually quite attractive; sleek and precise in design, but my initial hesitation was simply because it didn’t resemble anything that had ever aroused me in the past. It really does look like a kind-hearted dental tool instead of something that is going to assist in the fulfillment of erotic fantasies. So, honest first thoughts skepticism, but also note that I hadn’t researched the toy myself so I knew nothing about it other than Eli claimed it was special because of its oscillation vs. vibration and its ability to create very precise stimulation – which intrigued me.

The first time we used the Zumio X was together. It was an afternoon quicky. I had just taken a shower and Eli asked me if I had a minute or two for a quick orgasm. I actually was in a hurry, but he can be hard to say no to – especially when he’s excited about a new toy. On the positive side, he did make me cum in record time, but it’s definitely a tool that takes some learning and is a bit harder to be used on someone else than on yourself. Its unique level of precision makes it an amazing exploration tool, but that can also make it intimidating to use on someone else.

The second, third, fourth and fifth time, I was the driver – solo a few and with Eli watching a few times. It is good for exploration of the entire clitoris, all the way down the sides of your vagina, but I always seem to get a bit too focused on reaching orgasm. I would slide the stem of the Zumio around my labia a few times, but was never long before I’d be sliding the stem over the center of my clit and finally pushing the balled head into or just slightly to the side of my clit and upping the speed or pressure. Vibrators often numb me and can make it harder to cum if I don’t time things just right, but the Zumio creates a different sensation. It definitely can be too intense and you need to apply less pressure or less pointed pressure or cut back on the speed setting, though you never question whether an orgasm is on the horizon.

The last time we used the Zumio was as a couple and it was surprisingly erotic. We were having sex for a while and I knew he was close to cumming but, for whatever reason that night, I had a long way to go. I pulled the Zumio out of the nightstand, mounted him, and then sat up so I could easily use the toy while he was inside of me. I knew I was giving him the type of visual that he loves and I was instantly edging myself with the toy while moving him ever so slowly inside of me. Spoiler alert – we both came. 😉

The trick/skill to learn with Zumio is the difference between speeding up the Zumio rotation using the click of a button versus pushing the toy more firmly into your skin, which actually slows the rotation while increasing the depth of the intensity. It’s a bit counterintuitive and hard to explain, but very enjoyable to experiment with and something you naturally get better at with each use.

His Thoughts

She’s used the Zumio X a few times by herself and told me about it and she’s also let me watch while I couldn’t help but touch myself. We’ve even used it once during intercourse which worked surprisingly well as long as it is during a slow erotic sex session (no fast movements or aggressive thrusting).

What she tells me she likes most about the Zumio X is that it can bring her to orgasm quickly and that it provides a different sensation than vibration or even air-pulse.

As the observer, I love to watch EXACTLY where and how she uses it to touch herself. The small stem of the Zumio X and it’s little balled head create a very precise stimulation and their small size allows me to actually see what exact areas she touches and when during her process of reaching orgasm. I can see when she likes to glide it lightly over her skin and when/where she likes to apply pressure by pushing the ball or stem more firmly against herself. It’s both erotic and extremely educational; now that I’ve seen her preferences, I’m very much looking forward to my next opportunity to be the driver.

As a couple

Zumio X is an amazing solo tool for women but also has a place in couples’ play. One way to do this is to let your partner do the driving and just sit back and provide feedback. Because the Zumio is so precise it can be really informative to your partner to let them explore your entire clitoris and see how you react. Letting them explore and identifying what you like is not only fun but will help you and your partner be more connected and educated about each other’s bodies – making future sex even better.

Another way to use Zumio X for heterosexual couples is during intercourse. The one caveat to this is that you’re not going to be using Zumio during a hard pounding fuck session. Its small tip and precision pleasure delivery means that it needs a steady hand – any hard thrusting is going to make that difficult. Used during slow and sensual sex or as a way to reach orgasm quickly at the end of a session are best in our opinion.

Does Zumio play well with other toys?

Because Zumio focuses on the external clitoris, this is a toy that can be used in combination with other toys. The operator of the Zumio should probably just concentrate on using the Zumio itself, although I’m sure skilled masturbators could add a second toy with their free hand. Still, if one part of a couple were to operate the Zumio and the other were to add an insertable toy it could be a lot of fun. Basically, pick your favorite dildo or vibrator and let your partner provide the internal stimulation while you explore your clit or vice-versa. Although you definitely do not need internal stimulation to reach orgasm with Zumio, it’s another possible way to include both another person and/or toy into your session or achieve a more blended orgasm.

Zumio X, S, or E?

Currently, we can only speak to our experience with the Zumio X which is marketed to be a bit more aggressive than the Zumio S. The E is their latest in the Zumio line and also has the more aggressive longer tip, but is said to have more of an oval rotation as opposed to circular. This is intriguing and we do hope to be able to test the Zumio E and compare it to the Zumio X in the near future.

What the Manufacturer says

Below are the key features and claims from the Zumio website. In reviewing products it is important to both test what the product does and to also review how the manufacturer is marketing the product and whether their claims match and performance. With Zumio, I’m happy to report that everything is synchronous. Their claims and descriptions match the performance of the Zumio X as precisely as the Zumio X provides precision clitoral pleasure.


  • Intensity: Zumio X has a longer stem and smaller tip, providing a more intense experience.
  • Rotation, not Vibration: Zumio’s rotating motion provides stimulation without the numbing or buzzing sensation that vibration can cause. Also, you’ll never feel any unwanted vibration in the handle.
  • Solo Use: Zumio is designed to let you explore your body like never before. Thanks to its precision tip and fully customizable intensity, you’ll be able to discover new sensations and pleasure points.
  • Partner Use: Zumio’s small size and ergonomic handle make it perfect to use during foreplay or intercourse, allowing you to deliver pleasure when and where you want it most.
  • Pressure Sensitive: Zumio’s mechanical design adjusts the intensity based on the pressure you apply. Push gently for rapid rotation and intensity, or push harder for slower, deeper, and more intense stimulation.
  • Customizable Pleasure: Zumio has 8 speeds you can choose from using the simple and intuitive controls.
  • Submersible: Zumio is 100% waterproof, which means you can safely enjoy it in the bath or shower.
  • Perfect for Travel: Zumio’s Travel lock feature and safer battery technology go well in your carry-on luggage.
  • One-Year Warranty: Enjoy Zumio with confidence knowing it’s backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty.

Closing Thoughts on Zumio and the Clitoral Stimulator Category

It’s about time that women’s sexual organs received the same level of research and understanding as their male counterparts, and it’s exciting to see a whole new set of toys that are delivering innovative pleasure based on better understanding. Pressure Wave/Air Pulse stimulators have gained a lot of well-deserved attention in this area, but the Zumio line of devices is equally exciting for different reasons. While pressure wave toys create touchless orgasms with a distinct possibility of learning how to have multiple orgasms from touchless stimulation directly over the center of the clitoris, the Zumio creates an intense pinpoint stimulation that allows you to explore the entire clitoris and then deliver intense stimulation to the head of the clitoris itself. I see Zumio as an amazing tool for women to take the time to explore their bodies in a new and precise way while also having the power and precision to provide a quick orgasm when you just need to knock one out in a few minutes.

Note: This article includes affiliate links to the Zumio Website. These links provide SexLoveCoffee.com with a small commission if a purchase is made at Zumio. This helps us to “keep the lights on” here at SexLoveCoffee but it in no way impacts the positive nature of our review. All reviews are open and honest as is the nature and purpose of SexLoveCoffee.com.

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