Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount

Liberator BonBon: The Basics

The Liberator BonBon is a sex toy mount designed for hands-free penetrative sex with your favorite dildo or vibe. It’s not necessarily a sex toy in its own right (more on this later) but it is part of a growing collection of sex toy mounts by liberator that allows you to take your current toy collection to a new level of usability. Whether you’re looking for a solo masturbation session or getting a little kinky with your partner, sex toy mounts like the BonBon can add an erotic hands-free element to your session.

Spoiler Alert: To Buy or Not to Buy?

  • Recommendation: Some people don’t like to read the whole review so here is the gist. A good sex toy mount like the Liberator BonBon can breathe new life into lots of old toys. It’s not a sex toy itself (although it can be used as a cushion or wedge without additional toys), but it can improve the use of all your penetrative toys. As for quality, Liberator creates the best performing mounts in this category so you pay a bit more, but you get a long-lasting product that is well designed. Our recommendation is to do a bit of research and fantasizing to decide what you want most in a toy mount and then find the one that fits your needs best at Liberator. At just under $100 bucks it’s not cheap, but it’s going to last and if it gets you the hands-free fantasy your looking for then it is well worth the investment.
  • Key Attributes: Quality foam and plush washable cover with one good-sized pouch to mount your insertable toys. Best for cowgirl type riding positions (solo and couples play).
  • Comparable Products: Liberator is the leader in high-density foam toy mounts. Check out their other products here.
  • Value: Good/fair value for a long-lasting product with ergonomic design.
  • Pros: Quality mount that shines with one or two toys in a cowgirl position. Can also be used without toys as positioning sex cushion.
  • Cons: Only one mounting pouch (can fit two toys if one is a small clitoral stimulator) and positions are limited.

Our Experiences with BonBon

I love the idea of watching Mimi with another man, but it’s also one of those fantasies that might be better left as just that. The process of finding just the right male candidate seems a bit overwhelming and the possibility that one or both of us don’t ultimately like the pick is another real possibility. That’s where my internet search for the BonBon actually began as I wanted to create a fun, role-playing fantasy of a male-female-male threesome. My thought process was that in order to really buy into the fantasy you need to have some kind of hands-free dildo mounted somewhere. By using toys and mounts, we both get to imagine the perfect third party male candidate and with the BonBon Mimi gets to grind down into him while I watch from any angle I choose. Then I can join in and tease her from behind or more if she’s really in the mood. So, you can see why I picked the BonBon when I came across the photos below on their site.

We’ve had a couple of these sessions now. The first was a role-playing scenario that I set up ahead of time. She had never seen the BonBon before and I had already inserted a warmed realistic dildo into the toy mount. I asked her to trust me and she put on a blindfold to help get her into her role-playing/imagination space. For Mimi’s petite frame we found that the Liberator BonBon performed best on surfaces that are a bit harder as our bed is really soft and her knees would sink down around the BonBon, making it a bit taller than she prefers. On the floor it was much better; our personal favorite spot was actually in front of the couch with her facing the couch and leaning her arms forward to rest on the couch cushions. This gave her lots of stability and gave me an incredible view and access to touch her softly from behind.

What Sex Toys Can I Use with BonBon?

The Liberator BonBon can accept a broad spectrum of sex toys. Its pouch is designed for one toy at a time but is large enough to accommodate more in certain situations. The mounting pouch/pocket is also relatively deep which allows you to push some toys deeper into the pouch. This can be a nice way to adjust the insertable depth of your toys and still be able to get down and really grind on the BonBon itself. You can see that from the examples below, the BonBon can accept many different shapes and sizes and it is even more diverse if you want to get a little creative.

BonBon Mount with Doc Johnson Dual Density Dildo

Although the two pictures below look like different dildos, they are actually one and the same. The picture on the left has this large Doc Johnson Dual Density dildo facing up with the balls out. In this configuration this large 8.5″ dildo is reduced to about 6.5″ insertable length as the base of the shaft is pushed down into the mounting pocket. This allows a user who doesn’t want all 8.5″ to get all the way down on the BonBon and be able to grind their clitoris into the soft fabric of the BonBon or the balls of the dildo. The picture on the right shows the same dildo, this time inserted balls down into the Liberator BonBon. In this configuration, all 8.5″ of the dildo remain fully insertable.

BonBon Mount with Dildo and Satisfyer Travel Clitoral Stimulator

The Liberator BonBon is not designed for two toys in the mounting pocket, but it is possible to use two toys at certain times. Below is an example with a standard 6″ realistic dildo and the Satisfyer Traveler clitoral air-pulse/pressure wave stimulator. Another two toy option is a dildo with a small bullet vibrator to allow the user to grind down on the bullet vibe with the dildo fully inserted.

BonBon Mount with Vixen Tex Dildo

Here the BonBon is shown with the Vixen Tex Dildo which is a smaller dildo, 5.5″ insertable length. Instead of pushing the dildo down into the foam pocket, we have tucked it under the opening in the fabric to avoid losing any of those 5.5″. This works nicely for toys with flared bases but, if you don’t mind losing an inch, there is also a channel about an inch into the foam pocket that accommodates flared bases.

BonBon Mount with Small Vibratex Wand and Attachment

There is no wrong way to use a sex toy if it makes you cum, so I always encourage creativity. Even though the BonBon is not designed for wand-style toys, it will accommodate small vibrators like this one from Vibratex. Here we have inserted this small cordless vibe with an attachment that allows the user to mount it in a ‘doggy style’ like position and push back into it.

BonBon Mount with Silver Silicone Dildo (Flared Base)

Here is another example of a silicone dildo with a flared base mounted directly under the fabric of the BonBon. Again, this is not the recommended mounting technique but it works very well. This same toy can also be mounted about an inch deeper into the foam pocket.

BonBon Mount with Large Dildo and Balls

Although these pictures don’t necessarily do this dildo justice, it is one large, girthy ride. Shown here to illustrate that the pouch opening of the BonBon is large enough to accept dildos that have a larger than usual circumference, it also accepts ones with large balls at the base. Here those balls have been pushed down into the pouch leaving the full length of the dildo accessible.

Why use a Sex Toy Mount?

There are many reasons to incorporate a sex toy mount in your solo, couple, or group playtime. For some, the right sex toy mount can allow someone with limited mobility or flexibility, the ability to enjoy sexual stimulation in ways that would otherwise be impossible. For others its more about the ability to create a hands-free pleasure experience (or at least the ability to do something else with your hands). Sex toy mounts like BonBon also allow users the ability to take fantasies to another level, whether that’s during solo play or role-playing with a partner(s). What is a little different is that mounts are not really sex toys, so you are being asked to spend your money on an item that simply makes your current sex toy collection more flexible in its use. That being said, having a few mounts like the BonBon is a great way to optimize your toy collection and breath new life into toys that may have sunk to the bottom of your toy chest. And, don’t forget that these sex toy mounts can also double as sex cushions and wedges to help get you and your partner in just the right position to find the most pleasure even without additional toys in the mix.

Liberator Toy Mount Collection

As of this post, we have only tested and reviewed the BonBon, but we do hope to test all or at least most of the Liberator Toy Mounts below. Although many sex positions overlap across these mounts, each one is really optimized to be ideal for a certain set of maneuvers. While all of these mounts can be used for solo play some really shine in that area while others are intended for couples first. Note too that Liberator has recently created a few mounts for the Fleshlight (a vagina replica masturbation toy for men). While the majority of Liberator cushions and mounts are designed with a plush Microsuede or Velvish, the Fleshlight mounts seem to have a more leather-like look and feel (TBD if that’s a pro or con, but hope to find out soon). Taking the time to research these mounts and understanding their strengths and weaknesses is well worth it as the right toy mount can bring a whole new dimension to your hands-free orgasm.

Back to the Liberator BonBon– Pros/Cons

Every sex toy and sex toy mount has its pros and cons and the Liberator BonBon is no different. On the pros side, it is manufactured with quality materials and it is built to last. It also does exactly what it’s supposed to do; hold a sex toy firmly to allow hands-free pleasure in specific positions. It also has a well designed form factor for the user to comfortably straddle while not being too large for storage. On the cons side, it doesn’t have any means to hold it into place in the event that you wanted to strap it down to the bed or to a chair. We didn’t find this to be an issue and you could still strap it to something with a little ingenuity, but it doesn’t come with any rings/loops to attach a strap. It also has only one pocket to accept a sex toy which may feel limiting to some. To counter that, I would say that the pouch is quite large which, depending on the toys, can allow multiple toys to be inserted or one dual-headed toy, or even a dildo shaped toy and a bullet or smaller vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Lastly, as with all of these mounts, there’s going to be a size/form preference for individual users with individually sized bodies and desired movement. This is something that you just have to play with a bit to know. The BonBon is really best designed to be used in the cowgirl position and to be able to get down and grind into it. For this purpose, I think that most users will find its height just about right but for some, it may feel a little too high to be able to both grind down into it and lift up easily to get the full stroke that they want.

The Details- Understanding the Mounting Pouch

From the foam core perspective, the mounting pouch is really just a seperation between the foam with an exterior fabric liner that is pushed down into that seem. This means that even the smallest item pushed down into the pouch will still have resistance. There is also a foam channel that runs perpendicular to the main pouch seem that accommodates flared dildo bases very nicely. Below you can see the Vixen Tex Dildo sitting just under the exterior fabric and in the second photo you can see what that actually looks like with the exterior fabric and liner removed. In photos 3 and 4 you can see a different mounting technique with the Vixen Tex base tucked into the foam channel. Lastly, in picture 5 you can see that the pouch is contained by a portion of the inner liner which is pulled inside out in this photo.

Materials and Craftmanship

The Liberator BonBon is constructed with durable dense foam cut into a few pieces and then glued/fused together. Foam like this can vary greatly in quality and this is clearly a top-quality commercial foam, meaning it will retain its shape even after heavy duty repeated use. I would also consider it to be the right firmness in that it is rigid enough to provide a sturdy form in use but still provide a natural give and cushion for the user.

The foam is covered with a removable inner liner to prevent moisture from reaching the foam (Black inner line pictured below). Over this liner is the final outer covering which does come into direct contact with the user. The outer covering is made of either a Microsuede (two-tone option) or Velvish. I opted for the Velvish BonBon in the Merlot color (a deep red or maroon). As I have not tried the Microsuede yet I can’t speak to its feel, but the Velvish is soft, inviting and seems to warm-up quickly to the user. All covers are machine washable and easy to remove. Putting the cover back on definitely requires a bit of force, as the cover is meant to fit very snuggly around the foam, but this is more of a mention than an issue.


Fabric DetailsMicrosuede – two-tone soft faux suede cover; 100% polyester Velvish – plush faux velvet cover (in décor colors) – 100% polyester
CoverMachine-washable Velvish or Microsuede
FoamFully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions15″L x 8.5″W x 12″H
PackagingDiscreet packaging – shipped in plain, unmarked brown box

Wash and Care

Both the inner polyester liner and the exterior cover are machine washable. I personally would hang dry both, but the washing instructions do say that the Velvish can be tumble dried on low heat if desired. The important thing here is that this is a product that can be roughed up, get wet, get dirty and still be cleaned up to look clean and ready for another night. It’s also important to note that the liner and exterior fabric protect the foam from all contaminants, so after washing the liner and exterior fabric, this mount is safe to use with multiple partners if that’s your jam.

Liberator BonBon Claims – Fact or Fiction?

Liberator is pretty straightforward in how they communicate about their products. Typically they seem to stay away from long fluffy paragraphs and get straight to the point with bullet lists of specifications and related features and benefits. Below are the core feature/benefits for the Liberator BonBon:

  • Petite sex toy mount for vibrators and dildos
  • Low profile and ergonomic design
  • Allows for comfort while in straddling positions
  • High-density foam supports the body
  • Prevents sinking into soft mattresses
  • Soft, removable, machine-washable cover
  • Moisture-proof inner liner 

After a complete testing and review process on the Liberator BonBon, I’m happy to report that the marketing claims made by Liberator are spot-on.

In addition to marketing the BonBon as a toy mount, Liberator also shares a set of positions where the liberator can act as an effective sex cushion/wedge. The positions with a partner and either toys or no toys are really pretty limitless, but I think the important thing to get from these illustrations is that the BonBon is both a sex toy mount and a sex cushion/wedge. Put simply, there are a lot of fun ways to use the BonBon that do not require an additional sex toy.

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