Dinner and a Lap Dance Part 2

It felt like ages since we met Cassy in the strip club (Dinner and a Lap Dance Part 1). My once-crisp memory of her petite stature juxtaposed with her thick thighs and tattooed skin had faded. That night has become more dreamlike now, my mind unable to fully retrieve all of the details. Everything is slightly out of focus yet I still retain every memory of our interaction. These memories, or rather sensations, are, for me, the grooves in the record that can never be dulled, diminished, or overwritten.

I remember the way she looked at my wife, the spark in her eyes as their gaze locked for the first time. I remember her subtle touch transformed as she inched her hand up my leg and squeezed my cock like a toy. I remember my pleasant surprise when my wife lifted her sweater to show Cassy her tits in playful reciprocation. And I very clearly remember Cassy asking us if we might want a friend outside of the club sometime.

We got her text the next morning and it was clear that she wanted to play; and then life just carried on. We were busy the next few weeks and over that time, the news headlines escalated. Slowly — yet somehow suddenly — we were in total lockdown. The virus was here and everyone was scared to merely talk from six feet away, let alone play.

My wife and I are very sexual. We love to fuck. We love to make love. We embrace new experiences and over the next month, we did just that. We stayed home. We fucked. We role-played. We got sexy and then romantic and then silly and then, let’s be honest, we got a little bored with pandemic sex.

“Remember Cassy?” my wife asked me as we ate breakfast and stared at our phones.

“Cassy?” I responded.

“Yes, the dancer from the strip club,” she said.

“Dark hair, huge tits, thick tight ass, and tattooed right?… I think I remember her,” I joked.

“Why didn’t we respond to her text?” she asked.

“I figured that was your decision… Maybe that’s not fair. I think we just got busy and then, you know, the pandemic. Mood killer.” I looked up from my phone to catch her beautiful green eyes gazing back at me. God, I’m lucky, I thought.

“Is it too late?” she questioned.

“Better question…what do we have to lose?” I said with a smirk.

My wife took a few seconds to compose a text and hit send: “Hey Cassy. Hope you’re doing well. So sorry we didn’t get back to you. Things got a bit crazy with the pandemic and all.”

We both sat for a moment looking at her cell…. 1…2…3… seconds passed and then those little dots started blinking, letting us know that Cassy was actually texting back.

Cassy texted: “OMG I can’t believe you’re texting. So excited. I’m out of my mind bored. I know zero people in this town. Going stir crazy.”

It was the start of a feverish texting relationship for the two of them with me as a role character in the conversations. They chatted about everything from life-changing events to favorite high heels and designer brands. They both needed a diversion, a new friend during a strange time when it was impossible to meet new people. They couldn’t have been more different, but strangely, somehow, in this odd little bubble in time, it worked.

Sometimes the texts went to a sexy place, remembering the night Cassy stripped for us and gave us a sensual private couples dance. And those conversations usually led to a few increasingly erotic photos. One memorable night I lay in bed reading a book while the two of them had a playful photo battle of “Who has the sexiest collection of lingerie.” It was the distraction they both needed.

About a week later, I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of my wife’s insatiable blowjobs when she suddenly stopped, sat up, and reached back to grab her phone from the nightstand.

“Do you mind?” she asked.

“I’ll mind if that’s the end of the blowjob,” I replied quickly as I raised an eyebrow.

She smiled, pointed the phone’s camera at my cock while the other hand squeezed the base of my shaft to push me to maximum size. The phone camera let out a few quick audible clicks. She then spun and tapped one-handed on her phone for another few seconds and tossed the phone across the bed.

“Cassy will love that,” she said as she went back to work with both hands on my shaft.

“You just sent Cassy a dick pic? You could have asked…” I managed as she shoved me deeper into her mouth and twisted her hands magically.

She pulled her head back, slapped my cock a few times, looked up, and gave me a devilish smile. “I did and she’ll love it — plus it’s only fair that she knows what she’s working with next week.”

“Uhhh… what?” I responded, not sure if I’d heard her correctly.

“Surprise!” she said as she made her eyes cartoonishly big.

“But what about social distancing and all that?” I said.

“She hasn’t seen anyone in a month. She’s as removed as we are and she’s so lonely. She has some immune disorder that usually isn’t a big deal but could be really bad if she caught the virus, so she is really keeping to herself. Since we’ve done the same, it feels pretty safe.”

I thought for a few moments. The virus was dangerous. There was a reason we were all in lockdown. But, she was right that as long as we had all been isolating, it was a pretty small risk to take and the offer of a threesome was coming from my gorgeous wife who always had our best interests at heart.

“I trust you, love, and it’s so damn sexy that you set this up. I’m in.”

Cassy was clearly nervous when she came to the door. My wife opened it and they just stared at each other for a moment and then simultaneously leaned forward to hug, breaking the social distancing rules of the moment. This was no surprise, but what struck me was the way that Cassy melted into her and stayed just a moment or two longer than customary.

As we talked during dinner and cocktails on the back deck, I could hear how lonely Cassy had become. When we’d all loosened up a bit she told a few stories of FaceTime mutual masturbation sessions with an ex-flame in Sacramento. She said, “It felt good to be seen again, to feel a moment of connection, but afterward it just made the loneliness that much worse.” And at that moment, I could see her eyes fill with tears to create a glossy sheen across her pupils. She blinked her eyes a few times as if something had gotten into them, looked down and said simply, “Ugh, embarrassing.”

I always let my wife lead in these situations. But there was something about that moment that let me know it was okay to lean in a little more than usual. My wife had brought Cassy here for a night of fun, but she also clearly wanted to give her the gift of human connection.

The quarantine had been hard on everyone in different ways. I may have become agoraphobic and my hair was looking like a shaggy mop head. My wife missed her friends, her family, and human interaction in general; but at least we had each other. Singles like Cassy were hit the hardest. She was a professional erotic entertainer and at some level, she loved being watched, being seen, being desired. She also loved to please, to make others happy, to fulfill fantasies, or at least fuel them a bit. And she loved to pamper herself — hair, nails, facials, eyebrow waxing, pedicures. All that was gone now and all that was left to replace her previous life was isolation and anxiety.

“Group hug,” I said with a humble inquisitive smile.

Cassy looked up at my wife who was sitting next to her on the sofa and then over to me, “Yes please.”

I stood up and moved to the sofa to sit directly next to Cassy as my wife scooted over to sit thigh to thigh with her. We both put our arms around her and lay our heads on her shoulders. I could feel her body receive our touch, process it for a moment, and then melt into us. She reached up with both hands to touch our shoulders and the backs of our heads as if to say thank you.

“God, I missed touch,” she uttered almost to herself.

“We’re both so glad you came over,” my wife replied in reassurance that we were all on the same page.

It’s amazing how quickly a fully clothed adult cocktail conversation can transform into three naked bodies tightly wrapped in sexual healing. I remember Cassy turning towards my wife as we pulled back from our group hug. I remember their eyes locking together as they did in the strip club months before. I remember Cassy reaching forward and cupping my wife’s breasts in both hands while my wife slid her hand under Cassy’s shirt to feel the skin of her upper hip.

My wife can lead or follow, but when she really gets excited she tends to get a little impatient and it appeared that Cassy was no different. For the next few minutes, I watched in awe as these two gorgeous women pulled each other closer, touching each other softly but with a lustful sense of yearning.

I’m sure our neighbors would have loved to get the full show on that back patio sofa and neither of these women seemed to care one bit, but I was the outsider at this moment and the one that needed to keep a bit of common sense. “Do you two mind if we go inside? It’s a bit chilly out here.”

My wife looked at me over Cassy’s shoulder, “Obviously I’m not cold over here but I think that’s a good idea.”

Cassy chimed in without turning around, “I bet we can warm him up.”

We all walked to the master bedroom, my wife and Cassy holding hands. I stopped to grab a few bottles of water and when I entered the bedroom they were standing two or three feet apart, staring at each other and slowly undressing themselves. I paused in the doorway to watch Cassy unleash her voluptuous breasts as my wife slid her panties down and over her tight little ass.

“You too, honey,” my wife said as she looked back at me.

I’ve definitely felt shy or awkward in situations like this before but this time I felt none of that. There was this electricity between the two of them and it radiated outward to pull me forward. It was like anything that kept our bodies from being in contact was the enemy and our clothes simply had to go.

My wife pulled back the freshly made bed sheets and held them up for Cassy to slide in first. She then slid in behind and Cassy let out an audible moan as their skin touched. I slid in the other side and waited for just a moment to let Cassy be the one to scoot back into my chest and thighs as I spooned her from behind. The heat was magic. The touch was slow and erotic. The unspoken goal to have as much skin contact as humanly possible at all times. Our legs intertwined. Our arms wrapped around her.

I did nothing but hold Cassy for a very long time, content with the feeling of our skin heating up in our naked spoon. Cassy and my wife were not so docile. They lay on their sides, facing each other, kissing, pulling each other in, with only enough space between them to allow their hands to move from breasts to hips to thighs.

Cassy raised her leg and my cock immediately felt the added heat. I could feel the air move as my wife’s hand reached forward to rub the outside of her pussy. Then I heard Cassy moan again, this time much deeper. My wife’s fingers were clearly inside her now. My wife let out a similar sound and I imagined Cassy’s reciprocal touch.

I didn’t move an inch but the heat and movement pulled my cock forward and as it grew thicker and longer its shaft naturally filled the gap between Cassy’s ass cheeks, its head reaching forward to feel the base of her soaked pussy. My wife’s fingers were rubbing softly against her and then bumping into my cock, stopping for a moment and then grabbing my shaft and balls and pulling forward to rub me softly against Cassy’s lips.

They kissed some more, they talked softly, they giggled a bit. I felt the bed shift slightly as my wife pulled away for a moment and then I felt the cool tight feeling of a condom rolling over the head of my cock while Cassy turned her head back toward me to whisper, “She wants you to fuck me now.”

“What do you want?” I replied.

Cassy turned farther and strained to kiss me without letting my cock leave its resting place. “I want you to fuck me slow. Fuck me deep. I want to feel your cock twitch as you release inside of me.” And then she tilted her hips slightly and slowly pushed back, pulling my head inside of her without ever lifting a finger.

There was no thrusting, no slapping, no pulling back to stare at each other’s bodies. No porn shots. Cocooned under the covers we all clung to each other. I could feel my wife’s breath over Cassy’s shoulder as Cassy mimicked the movement of my cock with her fingers in my wife’s pussy. I could hear the two of them, sharing moans and brief verbal interactions… “That feels so good,” “Oh that’s good cock,” “Fuck I’m getting close,” “Your skin feels amazing.”

Every so often my wife’s fingers would push down and around my shaft and explore the edges of Cassy’s pussy. Then her hand would retreat again to focus on Cassy’s clit while I pushed ever deeper.

My wife came first and Cassy was moments behind her. In the minutes that followed, they pulled each other closer, feeling their panting breath slowing and merging together.

I felt Cassy pushing her ass backward, letting me push as deep as I could go. She whispered something to my wife. I moved slowly so as to feel every soft ripple her pussy had to offer. Thick and swollen I imagined she could feel every ridge of my shaft and my head against her cervix.

“So fucking deep,” she moaned louder.

Barely even moving now I felt myself near climax, “I’m — ”

“Let it go,” my wife interjected in a soft soothing post-orgasm tone.

“Ohh uhh uhh,” deep, guttural, likely ridiculous sounds came from somewhere deep inside me.

“Oh yeah, I can feel you,” Cassy added calmly as I lost all control and my cock twitched and flexed and filled my condom with cum.

I held perfectly still for a moment and then Cassy gave her ass a little wiggle, signaling her approval and desire for me to stay. My wife reached across Cassy to rest her hand on my hip, moving her fingers softly. I reached across too, pulling them both closer, my hand resting on my wife’s ass. My breath still loud, strong, irregular in stark contrast to theirs but I could feel it already beginning to slow to match their cadence.

I thought of how I always had my wife during these months and she always had me. We may have been bored, but we were never lonely. We may have been anxious, but we were never scared. We may have been annoyed, but we were never despondent. Cassy was all of those things and more during these trying months. You could feel it, the moment she walked into our house, you could sense her need to be seen and to feel and be touched.

Now, as we lay together, eyelids growing heavy, I could feel that Cassy’s angst was gone. Her skin was happy, her mind content in the moment. That’s when it hit me. This was never the story of a naughty threesome, my wife and I adding a third for a night of freaky sex. This was my wife’s gift to her new friend. Cassy had given my wife the distraction she needed and, during that time, my wife realized that we had exactly what Cassy needed to make it through this quarantine.

In normal times, this would have been a fun night of fuckery. Tonight it was medicinal and it was the best medicine any of us had ever had.

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