Satisfyer Penguin Pro vs Haute Couture

Satisfyer Penguin Pro vs. Haute Couture

Prelude from Eli West – Margot, Thank you so much for testing the Satisfyer Penguin Pro Next Generation and the Haute Couture. Seeing how a “Newbie” reviewer approaches these products is really valuable and in many ways is probably a better representation of what the average purchaser might feel and experience as opposed to those of us that have closets full of sex toys. The experience of being new to both of these specific products and to ‘touch-less clitoral stimulators’ gives you a fresh perspective. So, glad you enjoyed your experience and a big thank you from everyone at SexLoveCoffee. All the best- Eli

Intrigued and a little turned on… that’s how I felt when my good friend Eli asked if I’d be willing to be a guest reviewer of the Satisfyer Penguin Pro Next Generation and the Haute Couture air-pulse clitoral stimulators.  I’d heard my friend describe the latest and greatest air-pulse clit stimulators, but I was doubtful that would be enough for me.  I stand corrected and likely owe my friend a nice bottle of rosè.  

In my left hand…. the Penguin Pro Next Generation

And, in my right hand the Haute Couture

My clitoral stimulator testing grounds

The timing of this experiment had its pros and cons.  Pro-quarantine gave me time for more solo missions than normal.  Con– having a preteen exclusively in the house limited opportunities to introduce it with my partner.  Good thing the preteen sleeps-in, in order for me to open up early morning “lab” sessions.  

First Impressions

Satisfyer Penguin Pro

The Satisfyer Penguin Pro looked a bit silly out of the box.  It’s a small, sleek black and white design “dressed up” with a fuchsia rubber bow tie.  Not exactly sexy, but what’s life without a little whimsy?  Good thing the bow tie is removable because even though it’s small and flexible, I can see it getting in the way.  The single button to turn on for action is easy to navigate.  It allows for multiple levels of intensity which is appreciated to be able to adjust for the mood.  Light fluttering to produce a longer, slow build to an intense orgasm or intense pulsing for a quick solo mission.  I like the Satisfyer Penguin Pro’s compact size, navigation, quiet operation, and levels of intensity that produce highly enjoyable and reliable orgasms every time I used it.

Satisfyer Haute Couture

The Satisfyer Haute Couture out of the box is a sleek looking, flattened wand shape nearly twice the size of the Penguin.  It comes with two buttons, one that turns it on and controls the pulse rhythms and intensity, and a second button with plus and minus signs on either end.  To be honest, I never did figure out how the plus and minus sign button worked.  The directions were not helpful and they didn’t seem to do anything when I experimented with them (insert shrug emoji here).  The highest level of intensity on this one is a bit much for me.  I generally orgasm quickly with a light to moderate amount of clit stimulation and the highest setting on this one made me go numb.  No orgasm until I took a break, recovered feeling several hours later, and tried again.  What I loved about this one were the various pulse rhythms.  A fast favorite became the moderate pulse intensity that crescendoed and decrescendoed, serving to prolong my build to orgasm and producing a strong orgasm as the reward for my patience.  The drawback to my experiment with the Haute Couture was the size, a little large for my taste, and the noise.  At times it felt loud and clunky, depending on the setting cycle and contact with my body.

Satisfyer Solo Missions

It took more time than I expected to get comfortable with exactly where to place the head of the toy.  A few millimeters in either direction gave different levels of sensation with these air pulse clit stimulators.  I found it well worth my time to relax and make slight adjustments to the positioning of the head.  Once you find your sweet spot, no further movement is necessary!  Solo time gave me the chance to get comfortable with the settings and figure out my preferences.  Glad I had my ‘numbed out’ experience on my own instead of in the heat of the moment with my partner, although I’m sure he would have enjoyed coaxing my body back with a soothing tongue massage.

Satisfyer Partner Play

Outstanding!  These clit stimulators are the real deal if you’re someone like me who cums almost exclusively through clit stimulation.  The Satisfyer Penguin Pro was particularly useful during partner sessions because of its size and silence.  My partner and I were able to take turns holding it in place while he was inside me.  It was thrilling to cum after a slow build with this form of external and internal stimulation.  The constant external stimulation kept my pussy extra wet throughout our entire time together.  He was definitely turned on watching me use the toys on myself and instructing him on how to use them since air pulse stimulators are new to us both.  The bonus of these toys was that they freed up his hands and mouth to explore other parts of my body.  

Air pulse stimulators? You’ve just gained two new and very enthusiastic fans. – Margot Dubious 

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