It Started with a Tweet

It Started With a Tweet

Tweet SarahSiren001: Hello World. First tweet. Writer exploring new genres. Be kind, I’m a newbie. Friends anyone?

Reply MarksFolly7:Hey there, welcome to the Twitter-sphere. I just followed you. 99 more and you’ll have your first 100. Best of luck. What genres?

Reply SarahSiren001: @ MarksFolly7 Thanks, I think. 😀 Did I use the @ sign correctly? Ha. Well, I’ve started leaning toward erotica. Written a number of short stories and one feels like it wants to be developed into something longer, maybe even a book.

Reply MarksFolly7: Steamy. Solid writing community here. I’ve written a bit of erotica myself. Share WIP for feedback along the way.

Reply SarahSiren001: WIP?

Reply MarksFolly7: Work in Progress. Newbie. 😉

DM SarahSiren001: Hey Mark, this is my first direct message on Twitter. Not even sure if you’ll get this. Anyway, I wanted to share a snippet… WIP… not ready to share with all of Twitter just yet, 224 followers in 2 weeks, I think that’s good? Do you mind?

DM MarksFolly7: You’ve had some clever tweets. I retweeted the one about the unicorn and the fox. Been waiting to see some of your work. Share.

DM SarahSiren001: Is this too vulgar… too much? “Megan’s pussy quivered as the fat head of his cock pushed softly against her lips. She felt herself opening for him, almost trying to pull him in. Her labia now surrounding his head, his head beginning to push deeper. It wasn’t until then that she felt his true girth. He wasn’t absurdly long, definitely above average but nothing to intimidate her. But he was so damn thick. It’s why she hadn’t slept with him before. She took a deep breath, then another and another until she felt her pelvis relaxing, and with each breath, she felt him spreading her more deeply. If she panicked now it would be a terrible experience, like a bad mushroom trip, fear taking over. Her mind had to stay calm while her pussy stretched to take his Adonis-like euphoric mixture of pleasure and pain.”

DM MarksFolly7: Oh shit, you’re nasty! JK. I like where your head is — and his too. 😉 Of course, I’d need the character backstories to really get into it, but it’s sexy for sure. I can feel her need/desire to take this massive cock. As you move past that I think you can focus on other areas too… more descriptions of hips and thighs, temp of the room, lighting. Maybe he says something a little saucy as he pushes into her, or kind, or maybe all they hear is silence and breath. Oh… and music/background sounds… is there a TV playing in the background or sounds of a party? Help paint the setting so I can imagine being there. And most importantly, why does she want that massively thick cock in the first place? Her own sexual journey, a trophy, she loves huge cock, she loves this guy and wants to make it work, she wants to punish herself? What’s her motivation?

DM SarahSiren001: Honest and really helpful feedback. Love it…and yes the backstory is the key. Also, wanted to say thanks for even reading this. I loved your “Pleasing the Royals” series. So many period details but still raw and sexy. I had no idea my first follower was actually published in my aspiring genre. Feeling really lucky to have found a like-minded sexual explorer with a literary passion.

DM MarksFolly7: Of course. I’m happy to give feedback. I’ve had a lot of help along the way and I still have so much to learn.

DM SarahSiren001: Is it weird that writing this stuff makes me physically wet? Maybe that’s too honest. Ugh. I’m still shy to share my ‘saucy’ stuff with the world on Twitter but somehow I feel okay opening up to one fellow writer. Too much info for writing buddies?

DM MarksFolly7: Now you’re coming out of your shell. 😉 When I wrote “Kings and Queens” I had to set a word count threshold before I would allow myself a bit of self-pleasure. But seriously, if your erotica doesn’t turn you on, at least a little, even if in a pure fantasy type of way, who else is really gonna get turned on by it?

DM SarahSiren001: So true. If only I could masturbate and write at the same time. 😉

DM MarksFolly7: Ha! Totally unrelated — are you going to the erotic writers convention next month? It would be good for you to meet some fellow writers like me and see that we’re all pretty normal… or at least no less odd than any other group of professionals.

DM SarahSiren001: Unrelated to what? My chronic masturbation? JK. Professional boundaries feel a little blurred when you write erotica. At least verbally. Anyway, not sure if I can swing it but I’m gonna try. It would be great to meet in person.

Tweet SarahSiren001: Just back from an awesome writer’s conference. So many new friends. Special thanks to @MarkFolly7 for bringing me out of my shell. Mark, are you still game to write a little story together?

Reply MarksFolly7: Let’s do it! I’ll start #EroticStoryChallengeTheBeginning or #ESCTB…

Tweet MarksFolly7: It’s odd to deeply know someone without knowing their physical form and maybe even more odd to see and touch them for the first time. #ESCTB

Tweet SarahSiren001: Even more unusual is to have imagined that moment, that person, and to not be gripped with disappointment at the reality. #ESCTB

Tweet MarksFolly7: These were just a few of the thoughts running through Megan’s mind as she shook hands with Kevin for the first time. The conference was packed and they had both shaken more hands than they could remember, but when their hands touched, electricity shot through her arm. Her hand lingered for just a moment and his eyes stared just a little too deeply. #ESCTB

Tweet SarahSiren001: They had corresponded for months. He was the teacher; the scholar; the more accomplished professional — open and willing to share his experience. She was the slightly younger, excited ‘Newbie,’ — open to exploration and soaking up his advice like water to a sponge. #ESCTB

Tweet MarksFolly7: Kevin felt self-conscious in the length of his stare. He felt awkward. His words echoed in his head as either precocious or sophomoric. He felt a bead of sweat on his forehead. #ESCTB

Tweet SarahSiren001: It was loud and any conversation would be disjointed but Megan didn’t want the conversation to feel awkward or stall in any way. “This conference is crazy. Thanks for letting me know about it and it’s awesome to meet in person… and thanks for all the online help… I hope we can stay connected.” #ESCTB

Tweet MarksFolly7: “ Yes, yes… of course… great to meet you too,” replied Kevin, “Umm, I uhh… do you want my cell? You can call/text whenever if you want?” #ESCTB

Tweet SarahSiren001: “YES! I mean yes, without the exclamation point. Or, like, an appropriate level of yes,” Megan said as she shook her head at herself and smiled immaturely at Kevin. “Maybe we’ll even see each other again this weekend?” #ESCTB

Tweet MarksFolly7: “That would be really nice,” Kevin responded as they exchanged numbers quickly before both getting pulled into other conversations. #ESCTB

Tweet MarksFolly7: Sweat rolled down Kevin’s forehead, down and into his ear. Her head lay limp, his inner thigh her pillow. His cock still engorged, twitching slightly, deflating slowly to lay almost drowning in a pool of all that was moments before. “Was it worth the wait?” she mumbled. #ESCTB

Tweet SarahSiren001: She loved double entendres, playing with meanings of words in odd ways. He lay quiet, deciphering her meaning. Was it the months waiting to meet in person? Was it the hours waiting for her to text after their first meeting? Or was it the way that she edged Kevin, almost daring him to cum before she slapped his cock playfully and said, ‘Not yet’? #ESCTB

Tweet MarksFolly7: “Well?” pushed Megan, curious if the response would be crass or romantic and pondering how that would impact the story. She felt their online story was still relatively family-friendly if you just leave out the topic they bonded over — Erotica. Tonight’s story was different but she wasn’t sure how it impacted the book. #ESCTB

Tweet SarahSiren001: That night Megan didn’t want to cloud her intentions with too many words. Her text to Kevin after dinner and a few cocktails was to the point… 6 words only… “My pussy’s soaked. Can you help?” Kevin responded almost instantly… “Convention Hotel, RM 724” and that was the conclusion of their verbal dance. #ESCTB

Tweet MarksFolly7: Now, lying in bed, Kevin was yet to respond to Megan’s query. His mind was still remembering her arrival. Remembering, her index finger against his mouth as she ‘shushed’ him when he opened the door and said ‘hello.’ Remembering, her first words, ‘I need control. Play along. You won’t be sorry.’ #ESCTB

Tweet SarahSiren001: “Well, Kevin, you awake? You can speak now. Was it worth the wait?” #ESCTB

Tweet MarksFolly7: “I typically write erotica… I don’t live it.” Kevin paused, “I’ve been waiting my whole adult life for that fantasy to play out and YES… definitely worth the wait.” Kevin slowly ran his fingers through Megan’s hair. #ESCTB

Tweet SarahSiren001: “Test passed, you are a romantic at heart.” Megan smiled and then playfully tugged on Kevin’s balls. “I love fucking romance.” #ESCTB

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