Aneros Peridise

Aneros Peridise: Intro to Couples Anal Play

Aneros Peridise is actually two toys that are designed to be used by a couple simultaneously. They vary slightly in size but are both designed to be placed in the anus and then left to do their thing (hands-free). By using the same basic toy at the same time, this can create a bonding experience between a couple and allow you both to explore similar new sensations at the same time. Note too that Peridise is made by Aneros, an iconic pioneer in the world of anal play. Also check out our review of the Aneros Tempo, a slightly larger non-gender specific anal toy made in a very sexy stainless steel.

Reviewing Aneros Peridise

To be honest, the Aneros Peridise is my first review of an anal toy although it is not the first anal toy that I’ve used. I mention this because I think that anal play is a little more difficult for many people to talk about and I believe that the fact that I haven’t written an anal toy review to-date is proof that even for someone who reviews a lot of toys, it feels like an area that is somehow even more private than many other sexual acts. This may be because it involves the anus and this either brings up concerns of cleanliness or fears of breaking societal taboos. This insecurity is understandable and it’s a positive thing to recognize as you and or your partner begin your own sexual backdoor journey. So, I find it most appropriate that my first anal toy review is the Aneros Peridise, a toy designed to ease couples into enjoyable new explorations and shared experiences.

What Makes Aneros Peridise Ideal for Couples Exploration

Put simply, if you and/or your partner have been thinking about how to get started with anal play, the Aneros Peridise is the perfect place to start. Low cost, high quality, small in size, and designed for hands-free stimulation created by the natural clinching that happens in the anus for both men and women during sex. And, it comes from the folks at Aneros who are well known as the innovators of hands-free anal orgasms.

The interesting thing about anal play is that it is not specific to any sex. Put simply, we all have butts and although there are some anatomical internal differences, both men and women can enjoy anal play.

For men, anal stimulation provides both sensory stimulation of the anus itself as well as the deeper stimulation of the prostate or P-Spot. For women, the pleasure of anal stimulation is also found in the sensory stimulation of the anus with the addition of deeper stimulation providing proximatal pleasure to internal areas around the vagina. For more on female pleasure from anal sex check out this article on Bustle as well as this article from Women’s Health Mag.

Our Experience with Aneros Peridise

Aneros Peridise, Tempo, and Sessions Lube

For mother’s day I decided to give something a little less traditional this year. Although I did buy flowers my main gift was the Aneros Peridise and Tempo. Of course this is a little bit of a selfish gift because it comes with two sizes and is perfect for use by you and your partner simultaneously. Note that the size difference is minimal but we decided that I would use the larger version and she would use the smaller one.

One of the things that makes Aneros Peridise a great toy for beginners to anal stimulation is the rather petite size. The widest girth of the larger toy is still under an inch with an insertable length of 4 inches. Combine this small size with the smooth contour of the design and you have a toy that (with the help of some lube) can glide in without discomfort.

Aneros Peridise Dimensions

Aneros Peridise Size(s)

  • A- Tip Width: 18.00 Millimeters or .7 inches
  • B- Insertable Length: 4.00 inches
  • C- Tip Width: 22.00 Millimeters or .86 inches
  • D- Insertable Depth: 3.5 inches

The Peridise is designed with two larger bumps, one at the end and another midway down the shaft. These girthier sections are designed to trigger a repeated “push/pull” response as your inner muscles relax and contract during sex. In other words, without touching the toy with your hands, it will be pushed back and forth within your anus via the natural anal contractions that occur during erotic play. Note that this movement of the Peridise is not large, but rather more of a quiver that can create orgasm in some and enhance orgasm for most.

As directed by Aneros Mimi and I both took our time with the insertion of the Peridise. After a bit of foreplay to get us both in the right frame of mind, we took turns lubing up our back doors as well as the Aneros Peridise itself. We took turns with the insertion, kissing and touching while we pushed the tip of the toy against the opening of the anus. As explained by Aneros, the trick to enjoying insertion is to let the anus relax and actually begin to pull the toy inside. Suprisingly, this technique works really well and after a few minutes both toys were settled into place.

What we loved about Aneros Peridise

Togetherness – We really liked the fact that we were exploring new sensations together. It wasn’t about one of us or the other but more about the experience that we were having together. That was sexy in itself even before evaluating the Peridises ability to enhance or create orgasm

Hands-Free – We both loved that we could experiment with anal stimulation without anal stimulation being the centerpiece of our experience together. Once our toys were in place, we simply had sex in much the same way as we would on any given night… Missionary, Cowgirl, doggy style; whatever position we wanted while the Peridise provided that added connection and stimulation without interfering.

Inviting Size – Too many anal toys seem to thing that larger is better and I’m convinced that with anal play that really is not the case. The Peridise looks small in the hand and feels inviting when inserted. You may definitely decide you want something bigger but this is a great place to start your anal exploration without risking a bad experience.

How Does Peridise Feel?

Both Mimi and I had similiar feedback on the feeling of the experience. Once Peridise is inserted, it provides a subtle stimulation to the anus that grows in intensity the closer one comes to orgasm. Neither of us would be able to cum from simply inserting the Peridise so I would consider it to be more of a companion/enhancement toy. Having said that, being able to focus on eachother while Peridise was naturally stimulating our backsides and enhancing the intensity of the experience was really nice.

Where Peridise really came to life for both of us was the moments just before and during orgasm. At that moment, the muscles within your anus begin to contract and release repeatedly and with great intensity and that power and speed of movement is transferred directly into the toy which moves quickly back and forth to greatly enhance those final moments. It’s basically like having a perfectly placed finger massaging your inner bum at the perfect speed and intensity at your moment of climax.

Aneros Peridise: The Bottom Line

  • Recommendation: If your looking for a way to playfully and painlessly introduce a bit of anal play I would definitely start with the Aneros Peridise. Low cost (approx $20 for the pair) and easy to use (set it and forget it… or at least, just let it do its thing)
  • Key Attributes: Designed by the experts at Aneros to stimulate your anus with the natural clinching of your muscles
  • Comparable Products: Aneros has a whole line of these hands-free anal toys
  • Value: At around $20 these toys provide low cost experimentation
  • Pros: Small, designed to be hands-free after insertion
  • Cons: Small (you may want something bigger) but a great place to start and makes sure your or your partner won’t have a bad first experience.
  • Alternatives: Aneros has a whole line of these hands-free anal toys, some designed for both sexes and some for men only.

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