Vigorelle vs Her Solutions Gel

Sparking Desire with Vigorelle and Her Solutions Gel

A few months ago, SexLoveCoffee was asked to review Vigorelle and Her Solutions Gel. We’ve reviewed lots of sex toys but this was actually our first sexual cream/gel/lotion review. With that in mind, the review is honest and unbias and reflects our experience only. Spoiler Alert: Mimi Likes It!

As these are female-focused products, Mimi had the majority of input for this review. If Mimi likes it, she likes it, and if she doesn’t, she doesn’t. Regardless, I will always do my best to explain the reasons why she/we/I feel a certain way about a product. As these two products fall in the same basic category we decided to do one comparative review and use each product numerous times over a month-long period before sitting down to write about our experience.

What is Vigorelle and Her Solutions Gel?

Both Vigorelle and Her Solutions Gel are what Mimi and I now affectionately refer to as “Pussy Starters.” We do a fair bit of camping in the summers and rely heavily on “Fire Starter” to get the campfire going quickly. Hence the new nickname for this type of stimulating gel or lotion that literally “gets the juices flowing” without a whole lot of effort. In addition to immediate stimulation of the clitoral area, both products provide lubrication and are said to ‘restore optimal body conditions’ with ongoing use (See Women’s Voices article on choosing safe lubricants with proper PH Levels).

How and when to apply?

Both products come with very simple directions: Apply to the underside of the clitoris and massage in thoroughly. How much or how little is really up to the user’s preference and, as Mimi has experimented a bit more, she has actually found that how much you want to apply will even vary by the day and time. You may even find that you like to apply hours before any sex might take place, as a subtle way of getting your mind in the mood. Then you may want to apply a bit more just before sex, as a way to stimulate the nerve endings and enhance overall sensations during sex. However, you use it, it’s fun to experiment with what works best for you.

Mimi Meets Vigorelle

Mimi’s first impression of Vigorelle was that it was simply a smooth soft lotion that felt pleasant going on. At first she didn’t really feel much of anything but after a few seconds she looked at me, smiled, and said, “I think it’s kicking in.” This time she used it an hour or so before we were going to actually have sex and it worked really well to get/keep her in the mood even though it was getting late and we were both tired. The next time she tried it, she put it on directly before sex which led to a really intense orgasm. The third time she tried one application early to get her in the mood and another just before sex to maximize the increased stimulation.

What she learned was that, for the purpose of simply getting in the mood for sex, an early application an hour or even two before sex worked well. It just felt good and although it subsided over time, it still kept her aware of her sexuality and desire to orgasm.

For the purpose of having a more intense orgasm, she learned that it was best to apply Vigorelle just prior to sex or as part of foreplay. This seemed to increase her sensitivity at the right pace so that by the time she reached orgasm everything was activated in a very pleasurable way.

Mimi Meets Her Solutions Gel

Mimi’s experience with Her Solutions Gel was very similar to Vigorelle and everything above holds true. The main difference was that Her Solutions Gel has two or three times the intensity when first applied. She didn’t think that intensity necessarily translated to greater sexual stimulation but it simply felt more intense initially. This may be the menthol ingredient, which would likely be a pro for some and a con for others.

The other difference between the two products is that Vigorelle is essentially like rubbing a small droplet of lotion under and around your clitoris while Her Solutions Gel is more like applying a bit of lubricant to the same area. Both stimulate the clitoris with increased blood flow and initiate the process of making the vagina wet and ready for sex. However, it feels like Vigorelle is meant to absorb like a lotion while Her Solutions Gel is meant to stay around longer and help to act as an initial topical lubricant.

What If I Put These On My Penis?

Ha! I thought you’d never ask. 🙂 Well, I tried just that. Actually, the skin under the head of the penis is very much like the skin that surrounds the clitoris. This area, in particular, the Frenulum, and the area just below the Frenulum are particularly sensitive areas that have only a thin layer of skin and tons of nerve endings.

So, I’d say that the initial feeling is probably quite similar for a man or a woman. Both the lotion and the gel create a subtle tingling feeling that, put simply, makes you feel aroused. Neither product gave me a sudden erection but they both got me thinking about sex and definitely feeling more sexual. Vigorelle was more subtle and Her Solutions Gel had more of whatever the tingly component is but they both increased blood flow and sensitivity. (Note that I am NOT suggesting that men should use this product but it was interesting to feel a bit of what Mimi had been describing.)

Ingredients: Vigorelle Vs. Her Solutions Gel

Both products are created primarily with natural ingredients and both are designed to not just be safe for use on the clitoris and around the vagina but to even be beneficial for improving and maintaining the balance of your lady parts. Truthfully, I cannot speak to how true this statement is but I do appreciate the time taken to communicate why each ingredient was chosen and how it impacts the overall effect of these lotions and gels.

VigorellHer Solutions Gel
L-Arginine HCI, Gingko Biloba, Wild Yam, Damiana Leaf, Suma Root, Peppermint Leaf, Vitamin A, C and E Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera GelL-Arginine, Natural Botanical Essences, Olive Squalene Oil, Ale Vera Extract, Carbopol Ultrez Polymer, Shea Butter, Purified Water, Triethanolamine, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Dipropylene Glycol, Menthol USP

What WE Loved

Mimi is most fond of Vigorelle as it is a bit more subtle and gives her a very pleasant reminder that she is hornier than she is tired after a long day. She likes to put it on in the evening when we’re watching TV and just let it soak in and slowly get her in the mood. By the time we go to bed she really doesn’t want to go to sleep without an orgasm. When she reapplies directly before sex she also seems to have a better chance at a more intense orgasm (not all the time but more times than not). Her Solutions Gel has the same impact but feels a little more direct and also has the benefit of being more of a lubricant which isn’t really something that Mimi needs very often.

From my perspective, it’s been fun to watch Mimi experiment with both products and hear her evaluation of the experience. It’s great to have healthy products that are really focused on female arousal and pleasure. And of course, it’s a win-win, as a horny Mimi means a satisfied Eli. 🙂

How Much?

Both Vigorelle and Her Solutions Gel retail for approximately $60 but can also be bought cheaper via quantity discounts (marketed as multiple month supplies). Sixty dollars for a small bottle is not cheap but it’s also not expensive for a product that works and the prices do drop considerably when you buy multiple bottles.

Also when considering price remember that one bottle can really go a long way. Their marketing says that a bottle is “a month’s supply” but one would have to use it every day in order to use a bottle in one month. If that’s the case, I’m guessing that you might get 30 applications out of a bottle. That would mean that each application costs about $2 which seems pretty cheap if it helps you or your partner get in the mood for a sexy night together (again, QTY discounts can bring this price down even further)

Note too that for Vigorelle, if you buy 2 or more bottles, you get a Free Bonus Gift. Currently the bonus gift options are (1) UltraHair Away, (2) GenF20 HGH Releaser, or (3) The Mini Vibrator.

Side note that we are hoping to review a libido-boosting supplement called Provestra which is said to be a very complementary product to the use of the Vigorelle cream. We will update info her as well as on a new post if the opportunity arises.

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