Aneros Tempo with Box

Aneros Tempo- Anal Pleasure for Men and Women

As with the Aneros Peridise anal toys for couples, the Aneros Tempo is designed to be equally pleasurable for both men and women. This non-gender-specific design does not rely on the curved arms of the classic Aneros anal toys, one of which puts pressure on the male perineum but instead relies solely on the contour of the strategically placed knobs of its shaft. Once inserted Aneros Tempo is designed to move pleasurably, hands-free, with the contractions of your inner and outer sphincter muscles.

Aneros Tempo: Is it for you?

  • Recommendation: After the Aneros Peridise, I would consider the Aneros Tempo the next step in exploring anal play. Although it is more expensive than the Peridise, it’s stainless steel material is super sexy, will last forever, and provides a different sensation due to the weight and the natural temperature play possible with stainless steel.
  • Key Attributes: Designed by the experts at Aneros to stimulate your anus with the natural clinching of your muscles. Designed to be gender-neutral. High-quality stainless steel.
  • Comparable Products: Aneros has a line of hands-free anal toys. Check them out at
  • Value: At around $70 the Aneros Tempo is a more expensive non-powered toy but its classy stainless steel look and slick feel are worth it.
  • Pros: Small, designed to be hands-free after insertion. Made to be used by both men and women. Made with stainless steel to last forever and allow temperature play.
  • Cons: Small (you may want something bigger) but a great place to start and makes sure you or your partner won’t have a bad anal experience. Pricier due to stainless steel construction.
  • Alternatives: Other Aneros hands-free anal toys, some designed for both sexes and some for men only.

Aneros Tempo

  • Tip Width: 0.86 inches
  • Upper Knob: 0.58 inches
  • Lower Knob: 0.50 inches
  • Insertable Length: 3.75 inches

Our Experience

JUST Him- We have had a few different experiences with the Tempo at this point. I started by just trying it by myself and really relaxing into the experience, touching myself while focusing on the way it felt inside of me as I relaxed and contracted those muscles. There were times when I could stop touching myself and just let all the pleasure come from the Tempo inside of me and Aneros claims that you can cum from this alone but I think it would take a lot of practice and I, unfortunately, don’t have that kind of time. Still, I did have a very enjoyable masturbation session and when I came, my orgasm was definitely enhanced by the Tempo moving within me and against my prostate.

JUST HER- On another occasion, I convinced Mimi to try the Aneros Tempo while also using her favorite clitoral toy from Zumio. The Zumio is an intense clitoral stimulator so although she was really trying to focus on the feeling of the movement from the Tempo, I think it was difficult for her to feel the more nuanced sensation in her bum. Having said that, she did say that her orgasm was intensified by the natural movement of the Tempo. She noted that she specifically felt it at the tail end of her orgasm as she removed the intensity of the Zumio and just rubbed her clit by hand.

TOGETHER- We’ve both used Aneros Tempo a few times now during sex. I’ve used it in me while she uses one of the Peridise and she has also used Tempo while I used the Eupho Trident or MGX. For couples, I think this can be very bonding, knowing that both of you are experiencing a very similar anal pleasure while also experiencing the pleasures of each other. For heterosexual couples, the man gets some of that deeper orgasm sensation that you only get through anal play (stimulation of the prostate) while the woman gets refined anal stimulation and an added feeling of fullness during vaginal penetration.

Why you Will LOVE Stainless Steel

There’s not much to complain about when it comes to stainless steel toys. The texture of Aneros Tempo allow it to slide in effortlessly while its noby design keeps it in place (hands-free). It can also be easily heated or cooled for additional temperature play (be careful not to be too cold or hot), and it will also quickly acclimate to the temperature of your body (matching your body temperature to feel natural and less invasive). The weight of the Aneros Tempo also adds to the sensation in a distinctly different way than Peridise or the other Aneros toys. And lastly, stainless steel toys are easy to clean/sanitize and can even go into a dishwasher to be completely sterilized. Wait… I almost forgot to mention, as it kind-of goes without saying, but stainless steel just looks sexy, in that mythical masked erotic sex party sort of way.

Size Matters but not the way you think

When it comes to anal exploration, size really matters but so does shape. With that in mind I wanted to include a quick comparison of the size and shape of a few different Aneros toys, including the Tempo. The three toys pictured her are the Trident, the MGX, and the Tempo. The first two toys are made for men as the forward facing arm would interfere with the vagina. The arms of these toys are designed to stimulate the perineum and the base of spine (referred to by Aneros as the kundalini tab) while the curved design allows a more direct stimulation of the male prostate. The Tempo, on the other hand, requires no exterior arms, keeping the vagina free for other play and its more linear form is designed to stimulate the anus in general and not the prostate specifically.

Finally, you see that the size of the tempo is a bit smaller than the other two. This is another reason why it is the perfect next step toy after trying the Peridise. Anal play is first and foremost about relaxing into a new sensation and it is best to take that exploration slowly, starting small and gradually working your way up in size as your body relaxes and craves increased stimulation.

Final Thoughts on Tempo

If you liked the Aneros Peridise for couples anal play, you are going to love the Aneros Tempo. Its increase in size is noticeable but not scary and its stainless steel material makes it even easier to slide in and get used to quickly. Again, if you’ve been into anal play for a long time, you are likely going to want something with a bit more size but if you are new to anal play or just trying to work your way up to something larger, Tempo is perfect. And, it’s a classy toy, something you can keep proudly in your toy chest and pull out from time to time.

Final Thoughts on Aneros

Aneros is all about making sex toys that fit our bodies and bring pleasure naturally. They are not about jamming huge toys in our asses. They approach anal pleasure differently and if you take the time to play with their toys and take their advise, you can begin a process of awakening your pelvic floor muscles and pleasure sensors in a new and different way. That is why I always recommend Aneros toys to couples exploring anal orgasms. Playing with these toys can bring couples closer together as they experience and discuss a new shared sensation and it can be done in a safe and pain free way.

Real Talk for Men Wanting Anal Sex with Women

For heterosexual couples and especially for men who want to have more or any anal sex with their female partner, don’t just try and push your big cock in their butt, unless of course, they are experienced with anal play and they ask you to do just that. More likely however, is that your female partner may have limited anal play experience and may have a great deal of apprehension about it, even if they are curious to explore. Instead, help by encouraging them to take a path of slow sensual anal exploration with you, starting with the smallest of toys, learning how to accept and accentuate anal pleasure, and moving, in time, to large toys for both of you. In fact, anal sex (penis in butt) is really the most invasive anal play as it requires the ability to relax into a girthy penis and it creates a great deal of friction due to the in/out thrusting of the penis. So… start slow…. enjoy the journey together, take time to relax your bodies and enjoy the growing awareness and arousal from anal stimulation.

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