Our Night with Tula by Liberator – Twice the Fun?

The Tula by Liberator is a compact dense-foam sex toy mount with the ability to accept both small and large sex toys as well as two toys mounted at the same time (one in the upper slot and one in the side slot). After a deep and very enjoyable review of the Liberator BonBon, we wanted to try another Liberator mount and we were really intrigued by the dual mount ability of the Tula. In truth, thinking about all the possible user and toy combinations put my sex toy reviewer’s imagination into overdrive.

Tula Sex Toy Mount with Dildo and Magic Wand

First Impressions of Tula

The Tula (pictured on left below) is longer than the BonBon but is smaller in both its height and width. The smaller width and triangle-like angled shape allow for more creativity in use and an easier ride for petite users (the BonBon can be a bit high and wide for those with shorter legs). The other big difference is in the mounting options, the Tula having two mounting pockets which are also larger and able to accept toys as large and particularly as long as the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Who is the Liberator Tula Designed For?

From a marketing perspective, the Tula by Liberator is definitely positioned as an ideal toy for female/female play and I look forward to a time when I get to see that in action (fingers crossed :)). However, for our review sessions, it was myself and Mimi (male/female) focusing on having fun, getting creative, and experimenting with what positions would feel natural regardless of gender. The creative challenge and opportunity with Tula lays in the ability to have two sex toys mounted far enough apart and in a configuration that they can be used at the same time by two different people. Challenge Accepted! Let’s get creative.

Recommended Positions

Liberator has a bit of fun with the naming conventions for its Tula sex toy mount positions. Names like “Hole Lot of Love,” “Breakfast at Tiffanys,” and “Turn on the Lights,” create a playful tone. The best name to me is of course, “Creaming Mimi,” which is not named after my Mimi but I definitely enjoyed watching my Mimi take a similar position (more on that later).

As this toy mount is focused more on woman/woman play, Liberator doesn’t show any man/woman scenarios but I can assure you that they do exist. In fact, with the use of multiple toys for both men and women there are lots of sexy positions where both sides of the couple can get off together and both with unique views of their partner.

Best Sex Toys for Tula Mount

Tula by Liberator can hold both big and small toys in either the top mount vertical pocket or the side mount horizontal pocket. Large toys like the Hitachi Magic Wand fit best in the side mount pocket while smaller toys are a better fit for the top mount pocket, although even this is not a hard and fast rule. Below are some of the toys that we used and some of the configurations we attempted.

Toys we tried…

Toys we’d like to try…

The Combos and Postions We Liked Best….

As illustrated above, Tula’s biggest limit is your creativity and the range of sex toys you have available.

Tula by Liberator and Hitachi Rechargeable

I think its worth taking just a moment here to show how larger toys, like the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable can be mounted in many different ways. When used in the lower pouch, they can be inserted deep into the pocket so that only the vibrating head is visible, or they can be inserted only just far enough to hold in place. This is really nice for correct positioning when you’re trying to find a comfortable position for multiple users and multiple toys. The Liberator Tula can even stand on its end to allow the vibrating want to stand straight up at a height appropriate for some almost-standing fun.

The Hitachi and other larger wands can also be mounted into the shallower upper pocket at an angle to easily stimulate the clit hands-free while on all fours or simply kneeled, leaning over the toy.

A Night with Tula (Our Experience)

Mimi and I had a play night with Tula on the books for ages but this little pandemic kept getting in the way. On the bright side, this gave me lots of time to think up clever ways to merge our toys with Tula’s slots although maybe it gave me too much time to think up too many ways to use too many toys. Oh the problems of a sex toy blogger. 🙂

Like most men, I have a voyeuristic side so I set the stage by laying out Tula and a bunch of the toys that I hoped we would try on the bed. We poured a little champagne and as I sat back against the headrest, Mimi began to flip Tula around, sizing up its shape, and pushing her fingers into the toy mounts to test their depth.

“What should we start with?” She said, one hand on the cordless Hitachi Magic Wand and the other holding an airpulse clitoral stimulator. “How would we even use this?” She continued, as she held the airpulse higher.

“You pick,” I responded, happy to enjoy the view of Mimi with any and all of the toys I had assembled.

Mimi went with the Hitachi, side-mounted, much like one of the Liberator marketing pics below. The deep-mount pocket allowed her to push the toy in far enough to be stable but also not so far as to hide the controls. Ergonomically it let the top of the wand push directly into the base of her or rest directly over her clitoris. Mimi is petite and flexible and she found her sweet spot laying back, spreading her legs wide and bringing her feet down to rest on either side of Tula. In this position, she could move her hips and feet in order to move the head of the wand wherever she pleased, while her hands were free to play with her nipples.

I watched for a bit and I could tell that she could easily have cum on that first toy but we both wanted to see how many different sexy, erotic, fun, and just plain silly positions we could create. We laughed a lot while we traded out the pile of toys on the bed one by one, combining them and suggesting where each of us might place our naughty bits. When we found a combo that we liked, we stayed there and enjoyed the moment, edging ourselves closer before breaking for a sip of champagne and discussing a new configuration. It was fun to just talk through all the options, ‘What about this? You go here. I’ll go there. How’s that feel? Damn you look good. Is this sexy?’ It was both sexy and silly and as erotic as it was bonding.

Our climax came with Mimi riding Tula with both Tex and the Womanizer Pro40 in the top pocket while I lay in front of her letting the Hitachi buzz into my balls while I stroked myself. She loved the ability to ride her dildo hands free and then push down onto it and settle into the throbbing sensation of the air-pulse on her clit. For me the Hitachi amplified my orgasm which would have already been difficult to stop considering the amazing view in front of me.

Liberator Tula as a Sex Wedge

It’s really easy to get fixated on Tula’s sex toy mounting slots and forget that Tula and Bonbon can be just as helpful when used as a sex wedge as opposed to a sex toy mount. One of the best ways to use Tula as a wedge is to lay it on its side, and place it under her hips when she is on her back. This changes the hip angle and allows for deeper penetration during sex. It can also be used in a similar way while she is on her front, placed under her hip bones in order to push her ass out and provide a more comfortable and open position during any type of penetration from behind.

Other Liberator Toys

Liberator is the premier name in foam-based sex toy mounts and sex furniture. Each one of their mounts is designed for a slightly different set of toys and positions. So far we have had the great pleasure to try the BonBon and the Tula and we hope to try the pulse in the near future. Some mounts are better for solo play, some better with larger toys, and some can hold multiple toys at once. When selecting the right one for you, I would recommend thinking about your toy collection and also about what experience you are trying to create. Once you have it in your bedroom, my only advice is to have fun with it and don’t be too serious about creating the perfect first-use experience. Try different toys and positions, alone and with a partner, find what works for you, and then just lean into it.

Color, Fabric, and Foam

Our Liberator Tula is Black but it is also available in Merlot and Plum. All colors come in what Liberator calls Velvish, which is a soft feeling material that is particularly good at wiping clean. Under the Velvish cover is another protective layer that acts as a moisture-resistant liner to protect the underlying foam.

Tula Technical Specs

LinerMoisture-resistant liner
Dimensions19″L, 10″W, 8″H

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