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Tilt by Lora DiCarlo – Something for Every Gender

At SexLoveCoffee we’re always on the lookout for products that ‘think’ a little bit differently and that’s why I was so intrigued when I first saw Tilt by Lora Dicarlo. The concept of a non-gender-specific toy with the ability to provide very gender-specific stimulation without compromise. I’m a male so I was interested in Tilt’s performance when stimulating the prostate but from the female gender perspective, I was even more interested in a toy that provided targeted penetrative yet non-intrusive anal stimulation while also providing clitoral stimulation (a unique feature in anal toys).

Tilt Specs

  • Designed to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris or the prostate and perineum simultaneously.
  • Gentle, radiating heat (104 temp) promotes muscle relaxation and increased circulation for more pleasure.
  • Two Vibration motors controlled independently
  • 3 Vibration Patterns
  • 7 Intensity Settings
  • Waterproof – Good for bath time fun

First Impressions and Unboxing

When you buy from Lora DiCarlo, you are buying a quality product made with quality materials. This is clear from the moment you see the packaging to the moment their toy first touches your body. Tilt is no different. The packaging gives you the feeling that this company really cares about its customers, both in presentation and in the manuals and instructions they provide. Side note, if you missed Lora DiCarlo’s 2019 splash into the mainstream media, check it out here on Reuters.

The tilt itself is covered in a soft medical-grade silicone that is pleasant to the touch and slides softly over your hands. The controls seem relatively clear to understand and they are raised with the Power Button being a larger size. This allows one to ‘feel your way’ when selecting vibration settings without the need to look at the controls (a must considering the Tilt will be nestled in your bum or vagina). The charging is also very straightforward with a two-point magnetic charging cord and USB plug.

Spoiler Alert: To Buy or Not to Buy?

  • Recommendation: This is a fun toy for couples and singles alike. My favorite features are the heat and hands-free ability. Also, if you are newer to butt play, I think this would be a great first but plug as the heat helps to alleviate any tension during insertion.
  • Key Attributes: Well designed for both male and female anal play. Covered in Medical Grade Silicone. Rechargeable. Submersable for bath time fun. Insertable portion is heated. Independent control of internal vibration motor and external vibration motor.
  • Comparable Products:. There are numerous butt plugs with heat and vibration on the market but none that I am aware of that are designed for anal and vaginal use while also vibrating the clitoris.
  • Value: Tilt isn’t cheap at around $140 (last I looked on sale for $120) but it has the quality to last a long time and has a lot of versatility too.
  • Pros: Ingenious design for male and female anal play plus vaginal play too.
  • Cons: No app, or remote control and clicking through vibration setting to get back to the one you liked can be annoying (a problem with all physical button controlled toys with multiple vibration settings).

Tilt by Lora DiCarlo- Size and Shape

Although Tilt works well when inserted in the vagina, its form is really optimized for anal pleasure. It’s designed to be small enough to slide into the anus easily and then allow your sphincter muscles to pull it inward and stay in place from start to finish. The longer arm that remains outside of the body is designed to vibrate individually from the internal vibration. More on this below.

I also think it’s important to talk about Tilt’s actual size and show a few other sex toys for comparison. Tilt by Lora Dicarlo is neither small nor large. When compared to many of Aneros anal toys, it is clearly larger but those toys are designed to have more in/out movement with the clinching of the sphincter muscles. When compared to a 6.5-inch dildo, it is considerably smaller and only has a small insertable portion with a wider circumference. Regarding shape, what I find most clever is that it allows you to slide in easily but then as you reach full insertion it naturally sucks into your body, TILTS to wrap around your exterior, and then stays put for as long as you want it to.

His Solo Experience with Tilt (Round 1)

After charging the Tilt by Lora Dicarlo for the first time, I serendipitously had the opportunity for a bath and a short bit of alone time. I usually like to explore a product in a certain order but since evaluating the waterproof nature (up to 3 feet) was on my list of things to review, I decided to just jump right in. In fact, the bath can be a nice place to start when it comes to anal play as it gives you a chance to both feel clean and relaxed. For this impromptu experiment, I simply stood for a moment while I lubed the Tilt and myself slightly, and then inserted Tilt before sliding back into the warm water. I enjoyed the warming feature during insertion but the bath temp was so warm that I couldn’t really feel the temperature difference after that. I experimented with the different internal and external vibrations and found that, at least, in the bath, the external vibration was too high-pitched and soft to have much impact. However, the internal vibration was quite fabulous, with a deep rumbling, thuddy vibe that I prefer. The controls were easy and intuitive. I touched myself a bit and relaxed into the sensations, imagining all of the sexy scenarios Tilt could play a part in. I didn’t take the experience to climax but it was pleasant and left me wanting to test more, both solo and with Mimi.

His Solo Experience with Tilt (Round 2)

My second experience with Tilt was much more climactic. This time I wasn’t just checking out the controls and fit. This time I was in it for the orgasm. As with experience one, Tilt slid into place nicely with just a touch of lube and its warmth felt particularly nice as I lay back against the slight chill of my bedsheets. The controls were easy to find and even if one’s hands are a little slick with lube it’s still easy to change settings. I touched myself with one hand slowly while I experimented with a few vibration intensities, narrowing in on the one that just felt right in the moment. I landed on the higher-powered constant internal buzz and never looked back. I did turn on the external buzz as well but again, for me, I didn’t get much out of that feature. What I did get was the deep rumbling, internal orgasm I was looking for and I didn’t have to work too hard to get it either. For solo male anal play, it provided a solid but not overbearing stimulation, and its ability to stay in place through orgasm let me focus on the sensations that I was feeling instead of worrying about how I was providing that stimulation. Round 2 was definitely a success. 🙂

Her Solo Experience with Tilt by Lora DiCarlo (Anal)

One of the many things that I love about Mimi is that she is willing to try most things once, even if she may be a bit skeptical. This was one of those moments as I presented Mimi with Tilt just before she was about to take her own solo pleasure journey.

I was about to leave the house and she had just taken a bath and said something like, “Wish you weren’t leaving now, I guess I’ll just have to please myself.”

My response was usual for me but a bit different than most I expect, “Wish I could stay too but, if you are going to ‘rub one out,’ I got something for you.”

I returned with Tilt and she shook her head and smiled, “What is that and where does it go?” She said.

I gave her a brief tutorial and she agreed to try it. And to my surprise, she decided that she wanted her first go-round with Tilt to be in the bum. Mimi isn’t against anal play but she’s not super into it either which told me that Lora DiCarlo had done a good job of creating an anal toy that looked safe and non-threatening. She also asked me to stay and help her with the insertion which I happily did with a giant grin on my face. With a little lube and a soft touch, Tilt slid nicely into place and I stayed for a few minutes, to watch her click through the vibration settings. Once she looked comfortable, I gave her a kiss, said something like, “enjoy yourself,” and headed out the door.

Mimi’s Recollection

Tilt has a unique shape and I really did need Eli to show me where it was supposed to go and which end was supposed to be up. The material is soft and Tilt slid into place more easily than I anticipated. Once Eli left I played around with the settings a bit more and settled in on a constant medium vibration for both the thuddy internal nub and the external vibrating arm. It was a new masturbation experience for me as I was able to literally lay back and let Tilt do all or at least most of the work, hands-free.

Everyone’s anatomy is different but for this female with Lora DiCarlo’s Tilt inserted in my ass, the arm of Tilt rests gently between my lips and reaches up to stimulate the most sensitive part of my clitoris as well as all the area in between. A few times I reached down to push Tilt against me with a bit more force and experimented a bit with moving it around, side to side, or very small circles, but, for the most part, I just laid back and let it please me. And it didn’t take long. This was probably a five-minute session that ended in a very satisfying blended orgasm (not sure if blended is actually the right term as it was anal and clitoral but I don’t have another word for it). Looking forward to trying it in my pussy on another day.

Her Semi-solo Experience with Tilt (Vaginal)

For me (Mimi), Tilt felt really good in my pussy but it made me want to have more, like a good appetizer. On this occasion, Eli and I were together and he watched me warm myself up with Tilt for a bit before sex. I actually spun Tilt around as the vibrating outer arm wasn’t hitting my clit just right when inserted in my pussy. It felt really good but my pussy just wanted more depth and girth to fill me up and it lacked the thrusting friction that gets me off. That’s when I realized that one of the reasons that I liked it in my ass was that it wasn’t obtrusive, it wasn’t thrusting, it was just sitting nicely in place (something that I didn’t realize I appreciated when experimenting with anal play). If I was alone I could have cum but this was more of a warm-up session and it was time to move on to Eli. Having said that, I did leave my first vaginal experience with Tilt feeling that Tilt fit my particular ass to clit size better than it did my pussy to clit size (if that makes any sense at all).

Eli, Mimi, Tilt – Oh My! (Couples Experience)

When Mimi was done warming herself up and turning me on with Tilt on, in, and around her pussy, she handed it over to me and said, “I want you to put this in your ass and fuck me.”

“Uhh… OK!” I said as I thought to myself how lucky I am to get to play with Mimi and experiment with new and innovative sex toys.

I added a bit more lube, laid back, and inserted Tilt and before I could roll back over, Mimi was on top of me. Honestly, it felt amazing. Although I almost always make sure Mimi is satisfied before I cum, this time it was really difficult to hold back. Even when she slowed down or paused to give me a bit of a break, the thudding vibration never stopped stimulating my prostate. I rolled her over and tried to control the pace a bit more in a missionary position but found that the clenching of my butt cheeks actually intensified the experience and did nothing to bring me off the edge. When I felt Mimi on the edge of orgasm too, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and by the time I finished, she was just starting to reach full orgasm herself. For me, it was the kind of orgasm where you lose any sense of inhibition and simply let your orgasm take over, wild animalistic sounds and all.

I laid back and let the thudding continue for a moment while I tried to catch my breath and Mimi snuggled into my arms. She touched me softly and then reached down to kindly long-press the on/off button. “I think you liked that”, she said with a half-laugh.

I had no words.

Make Clean-Up Easy

All sex toys and especially anal toys need to be kept clean and bacteria-free. This means that after every use, you need to take a few minutes to properly clean your toys. This can be more difficult with some toys, but with Tilt being fully submersible, it is easy to clean it quickly with some basic soap and water. Once dry, I highly recommend using a sex toy cleaner like Lora DiCarlo’s Pleasure Product Cleaner. I like to rub this foaming tea tree cleanser all over my toys after use. It helps to remove any remaining unseen bacteria and its use of natural ingredients means it will not degrade the medical-grade silicone exterior of Tilt or any other silicone toy.

About Lora DiCarlo

Lora DiCarlo is an award winning US based female led company. Their toys are known for their innovative designs and quality materials. From their CES Award controversy to their current direct to the public funding campaign (Yes… you can own a piece of Lora Dicarlo), this company is pushing boundaries from how we think about sex to how a start-up can grow. Check out more of their start-up story here.

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