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Monroe By Tantaly- Full Figured, Life Size, Realistic as Fuck

Recently I reviewed my first torso sex doll, Britney, and although I loved the experience, I came away feeling that she was still a bit too small to feel totally real. The folks over at Tantaly heard me and graciously provided their largest torso sex doll to review. Enter Monroe by Tantaly a 68 lbs sex doll with a full figure and extended legs for enhanced doggy style positioning. Monroe has the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as Britney but at an increased size that completes the realism. And that realism isn’t just on the outside. Even Monroe’s insertable pathways are naturally contoured to mimic real vaginal and anal canals.

Unboxing Monroe by Tantaly

From the moment I lifted the brown box sitting on my front porch, I knew that Monroe was truly life-size. Considering the fact that she is a torso doll without a head or lower legs and feet, she still weighs a hefty 68 lbs. The box was big and a bit cumbersome to lift but the sharp edges made it relatively easy. Once open, I reached my arms deep under Monroe and lifted her onto the bed. This is when I realized that 68 lbs of wiggly fleshlike body feels even heavier. Note that I did get accustomed to the weight in time but it definitely should be a consideration when purchasing (see more on weight below).

Beyond weight, I was struck by her beauty, both in mimicking an idealized female figure but also in the subtle attention to detail and craftsmanship. In fact, that beauty is probably why I became quite excited about our little photo session, creating a review with more pictures than I knew what to do with.

Once out of the bag, I began to experiment by moving/adjusting her internal skeletal frame. Essentially this internal skeletal allows you to adjust the sway in Monroes back as well as the tilt of her hips and movement of her legs. With these adjustments, Monroe can essentially take on any position apart from standing.

Visual Inspection of Monroe

As I began the photoshoot I was amazed at the natural look of Monroe’s skin in photos. Often times photos are better than the human eye at finding the flaws in non-natural materials but the photos of Monroe looked amazing. Everything from her nipples to the texture of her skin looks and feels natural, or as natural as medical-grade TPE can feel. Even her pussy is designed to replicate her age which I would guess is late twenties to early thirties. And it really does. This is not the pussy of a virgin. This is the pussy of a woman who’s had some experience and that’s a good thing.

A Technical Look Inside Monroe’s Pussy and Ass

All Tantaly dolls have realistic internal canals but they do vary somewhat in feel because Tantaly has created different interior experiences based on the “age” of each doll. Monroe, for example, is based on a woman in her late twenties or early thirties. With that in mind, her vulva is darker and her vagina is fuller. Britney on the other hand is based on a slightly younger woman whose vulva is pinker and whose vagina is slightly tighter. Other Tantaly dolls such as Cecilla, Louis, Scarlett, Candice, and Aurora are based on a very young woman in her late teens or early twenties whose vulva is even lighter and whose vagina is also age-appropriate.

Notice too how Monroe’s pussy opens up for you the wider she spreads her legs. This is very natural and realistic and can also be used to create a tighter or looser initial penetration point based on your desire.

My First Time with Monroe (and Mimi)

After doing the photoshoot Mimi and I were both turned on and ready to have a little fun with Monroe. Mimi was happy to take the lead for a few minutes and ride Monroe since she was still wearing the Pegging briefs and dildo (more on that below). It was really sexy watching her with Monroe and allowed me to fantasize about Mimi with another woman wearing a harness/dildo. I watched her grind down on Monroe while grabbing her huge tits and staring at me. Yum!

Then it was my turn. With Monroe naked again, I lifted her legs, spreading them apart, one by one, and then pushed myself inside. It all felt very realistic since I had taken a moment after the photoshoot to warm Monroes channels and lube them up as well, so when it was my turn I didn’t have to do anything more than slide myself inside. A quick note on the WARMING ROD (a must-buy addition to the sex doll). Not only does the warming rod work great for bringing your sex doll’s pussy and ass up to a normal internal body temp (simply insert the rod and wait 3 to 5 min) but it can also work well to warm up other sex toys (cock sleeves or sheaths, strokers, Fleshlights, etc.).

I tried Monroe on her front and back in various positions, moving her legs wider and closer together and switching between her ass and pussy depending on the position. Every once in a while I liked to switch over to Mimi because watching her touching herself next to me was just too irresistible.

Finally, Mimi told me to lay Monroe on her back, spread her legs and fuck her while I stayed upright on my knees so she could see everything. I did as I was told and within minutes I was ready to cum. Mimi continued to touch herself and as she started to cum, she said something like, “cum on her tits for me.” I was already holding back so no sooner had she asked and I pulled myself from Monroe’s dripping pussy and came all over her stomach tits, and neck. It was a good afternoon. 🙂

Monroe Sex Doll Skeleton and Skin

As I experienced with Britney, Monroe also has a very realistic feel and texture to her skin. The body is made of quality medical-grade TPE, which is formed around a poseable frame. This allows Monroe to hold rigid positions while still feeling soft under your fingers. Britany’s breasts which have an enhanced silicone implant of sorts, do feel a bit more realistic than Monroe’s which are all TPE but Monroes still feel really good.

How Does Monroe’s Pussy and Ass Feel?

As I mentioned in my review of Britney, these sex dolls feel so much better than a Fleshlight or any handheld masturbator. I think it is because they are both very accurate replicas of real female anatomy and also because they have so much TPE material that moves softly around both canals (not a hard edge like a Fleshlight).

Monroe’s pussy in particular is incredibly realistic, mimicking the vagina of a woman in her late twenties to early thirties. I’m not sure if you would say that she feels looser than Britany, but she does feel, more mature, and for me, that’s a good thing. The ass feels good too and is also ultra-realistic in its design although I think, like with Britany, the external ass-hole could be made to look a bit more realistic.

As far as size goes, both canals are designed to take even a very well endowed penis (length and width). I would guess that an 8″ to 8.5″ long penis could push itself all the way inside of Monroe without a problem. I think Monroe would also be a bit better than Britany at taking an exceptionally wide cock too while at the same time remaining plenty tight for an average-width penis. Again, if your using your imagination about who Monroe is, she is a bit older, has had a bit more sex, and her pussy has been stretched a bit more. That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t feel amazing for a small penis, of course, she would, but she has learned to take the big ones too. 😉

Spoiler Alert: To Buy or Not to Buy?

  • Recommendation: If money is no object and your looking for a quality life size torso sex doll, Monroe is an excellent choice. If your new to sex dolls and not sure if you will even like them, I would suggest going with a smaller version so you can learn what you like and don’t like before you dive into the world of life size dolls.
  • Key Attributes: Life size at 68lbs. Leg length just above knee. Adjustable internal skeleton for back sway, and hip/leg positioning. Well crafted age appropriate anal and vaginal channels.
  • Comparable Products:.Tantaly makes the best torso sex dolls but their are a lot of options depending on what turns you on and how much you want to spend.
  • Value: Medical grade TPE sex dolls are expensive. Full size dolls can easily reach $2500 so a life-size torso doll under $1K is still pretty reasonable for a very realistic experience.
  • Pros: Full sized torso doll. Very realistic vaginal canal. Quality construction and attention to detail.
  • Cons: Breasts are nice but all TPE (no silicone insert like Britany). 68lbs makes Monroe truly life size but she is also HEAVY. For me the extra weight is worth having the full size doll but thats a matter of preference.

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Size and Weight

Monroe is a truly life-size torso sex doll, weighing in at just over 68 lbs. That weight should definitely be a consideration when purchasing. The reality is that medical-grade TPE is relatively heavy so all quality dolls like this will have increasing weight based on how close they are to truly full size and how full-figured (breasts and ass) they are. My personal preference would be a slightly different body type with more slender hips and slightly smaller breasts which would also have the benefit of weighing a bit less. The reality is that you do get accustomed to the weight after a bit and it only matters when you are repositioning her. Once she is in position and you’re fucking her, that extra weight is what adds to the realism and helps to trick your senses into thinking you’re having sex with a real person.

Positioning Monroe by Tantaly

Monroe can be difficult to move, adjust, and get into position because of her size and weight. However, once she is in position, it’s hard to deny the realism of the experience. This means that her best positions are ones in which you are not having to move her weight up and down while fucking. She can lay on top of you but trying to fuck her while she rides you, “cowgirl” style, takes a whole lot of arm strength. Her best positions are anything where you are on top of her or to one side like missionary or doggy style. Her legs can also be challenging to adjust quickly at times but they allow for some nice spread eagle visuals as well as an optimized doggy style position, something not possible with the shorter legs of Britany.

Monroe Leg Length Pros and Cons

The increased leg length of Monroe by Tantaly is a significant upgrade from Britany for a number of reasons. First, the longer legs allow for realistic knee-based positions like doggy style where the woman’s ass needs to be raised up and supported by the legs. Second, those longer legs create very realistic visuals that allow you to focus on more than just her pussy. And third, the internal skeletal joints allow the leg to adjust at the hip, both outward, to spread her legs, and upward, to raise her legs toward her chest. These hip movements along with slight adjustments to Monroe’s back sway take this doll to the next level.

The only con to the increased leg length is added weight and the fact that making adjustments during sex can feel a bit cumbersome. The weight is just a matter of physics so there’s not much to discuss there. The adjustment at the hips and back is probably quite an engineering challenge as the adjustment should ideally be as easy as possible for the user but then also as rigid as possible once Monroe is in the desired position. As it is designed today, I would say that it holds position very well but I would also say there is room for improvement on making it easier to move the adjustable joints into position.

Note how Monroe (above) can assume a true doggy style position with her ass appropriately raised in the air but she can also lay flat face down with her legs spread. She can even assume positions with one leg forward and another leg back.

By comparison, Britney has no joints in her hips and shortened legs so her doggy style position keeps her pussy low by the sheets and when flipped on her back her legs always remain pull up toward her chest. She can never lay flat on her back or front with legs outstretched.

Playing Dress-up with Monroe by Tantaly

I didn’t think that dressing up a sex doll would be my thing but I actually got into it and it was sexy too. My lovely sexual assistant, Mimi, helped me out with the wardrobe choices, and by the time we finished, we were both pretty turned-on and ready to have some fun. My personal favorite was the pic with Monroe’s nipples showing through Mimi’s little tan tank top. 🙂

Monroe’s Ass is a Work of Art

Tantaly really outdid themselves when it comes to the shape and realism of Monroe’s Ass. If you like your asses round in all the right ways, you are going to be very happy with Monroe. I don’t have too many words to say about this but I wanted to include these pics because they really do say it all.

Monroe by Tantaly Meets Doc Johnson

Whenever I write a deep review like this I always try to think about my readers and what they are looking for. Of course, they want all the specs and it’s good to hear about my experience but I also thought that with a life-size sex doll like Monroe, it would be really good to show what it actually looks like to slide inside of her. However, since I’m a bit shy, I thought that a Doc Johnson realistic dildo shot from a user perspective would do a pretty good job. This dildo is a little over 6 inches and of a pretty proportional width although it does have a smaller more pointed head than many men. Still, it should be easy to see that Monroe is damn sexy, and I’m pretty sure that most men would gladly trade places with that dildo.

Getting Creative and a Bit Kinky

Playing around taking pics of Monroe with a dildo got me thinking a bit about how you could extend Monroe’s useability. I looked at a few other sex doll sites and found some that offered transexual options which also made me think about women wearing harnesses with dildo attachments. Some of those options were as simple as a dildo that mounted into the sex doll’s pussy to give it a penis instead. A simpler solution and one that still leaves access to the vagina is a pair of pegging underwear with a dildo mounted inside. Whether you’re a man that likes a little ass play, or you want to get your woman more involved in play with your sex doll, this can be a cheap, easy way to get even more out of Monroe.

Cleaning Up

Since Monroe by Tantaly is a full-size sex doll, I found it easiest to just give her a quick bath. I still used the cleaning kit (See below) but placing her in the tub made it all really easy. I towel-dried her lightly after I took this photo (I couldn’t resist) and let her lay on the bed for a while to dry completely. I also used the drying sticks (below) before I wrapped her back up and stored her in the box face up for another day.

Accessories: Cleaning Kit and Heating Rod

Although you don’t technically need to purchase the cleaning kit, I would highly recommend it. Especially if you plan to orgasm (release) into the sex doll. With the cleaning kit, clean-up is quick and easy but without it, I think it would be a bit of a pain. The cleaning kit comes with a few cleaning tools, the drying rods, and a satin pillowcase of sorts for placing Monroe in storage.

I also highly recommend the heating rod which makes warming up the internal channels of Monroe really easy. All you have to do is plug it in and put it in each channel for 3 to 5 minutes and it will be plenty warm for use. I think this is a must as it greatly adds to the realism of entering a pussy or ass of a real person.

Clothing Dye Warning

Lastly, if you’re into dressing up your sex doll, don’t use dark-colored clothing (especially new clothing that hasn’t been washed a lot already). It’s really hard to say which clothing dyes have the potential to stain Monroe or any other Medical-grade TPE sex doll but it isn’t worth the risk. All of the clothing that I used for Monroe’s photoshoot had been worn and washed many times so I felt pretty safe that the dyes would not transfer. Still, be careful as you don’t want to forever stain such a beautiful sexy lady.

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