Otouch Ninja- A different kind of male orgasm

While most male masturbation devices focus on a stroking motion, the Otouch Ninja is all about heat and targeted vibrations to the head of the penis and frenulum. It’s very precise, and, like a Ninja, seems to have a way of sneaking up on you and making you orgasm before you know it- or not. Don’t worry I’ll explain.

The Otouch Ninja basics

The Otouch Ninja is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Its outside is made of a basic hard plastic but its design makes it look like a high-end sex toy. The interior is a medical-grade silicone. The tongue is more visual than functional in my opinion as its movement, despite some advertising claims. is basically stagnant. Otouch Ninja features a warming/heating element and 8 vibration patterns. It is also rechargeable and water-proof.

Unboxing Otouch Ninja

Otouch Ninja comes in a perfectly nice box and includes a charging cable and a storage bag. Not much to say here other than the wording “Ninja Masturbation” cracks me up every time I read it.

Spoiler Alert: To Buy or Not to Buy?

  • Recommendation: I really want to like this device but for me personally it is a pass. It has a lot of promise and might be better if your penis is on the smaller side but, for me, it either gives me a really quick orgasm or I can just never really get there because I kind of get numb to the sensation.
  • Key Attributes: Simple design. Warming component. Multiple vibration patterns.
  • Comparable Products:. Maybe something from Hot Octopuss but this is pretty unique.
  • Value: Good value. Currently around $65. But only a good value if it fits you right.
  • Pros: No stroking. Put in place and leave. Warm sensation is nice.
  • Cons: No stroking. Sensation can become numbing and make it hard to reach orgasm if you don’t orgasm more quickly.

What I like about Otouch Ninja

The Otouch Ninja is refreshingly different. I like the option of using a non-stroking toy and it creates a very different sensation and a very quick intense orgasm (sometimes). The fact that it’s warm is a huge part of this (no sensation of sliding yourself into cold plastic). Lastly, the vibrations on your frenulum and suction of your head feel intensely good and the orgasm is intense. Note that for me, these orgasms are intense but short, becoming almost too intense and sensitive at the end. Also, as I mentioned above, if you don’t reach orgasm quickly, you will likely become numb to the sensation and have a difficult time reaching orgasm.

What I don’t like about Otouch Ninja

For Otouch Ninja to be effective it has to fit snuggly around the end of the penis. This means that it has to be designed to fit correctly for most Penises or at least a large subset of penis sizes in the middle of the size spectrum. I’m guessing it does that well but if you’re really small it may not provide enough suction and if you’re too large it can squeeze too tight. I definitely fall on the larger side of the spectrum although I’m no pornstar. What that meant for me was that it took a little adjusting and extra lube to get in place. Also, the suction as you become more aroused and bigger gets very tight so you can’t pull the Otouch Ninja off the head of your penis until your size begins to diminish post-orgasm.

My experience with Otouch Ninja

I’ve used Otouch Ninja a half-dozen times at this point and I actually waited to write this review because I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about it at first. It’s just such a different way to orgasm that I needed more time and experience to decide what I liked and disliked about it.

Based on those experiences, here is what works best for me.

The first thing I do is to turn on the heating function so that Ninja is getting nice and warm. I also add a bit of lube inside Otouch Ninja at this time so it can warm along with the toy. It probably takes between 3 and 5 minutes to be ready. This gives me some time to touch myself a bit and add some lube to the top of my shaft in preparation.

For me, it works best to get Otouch Ninja in place when I’m still only semi-hard. Otherwise, it’s just too small. Once snuggly inside, I like to keep it on the low vibration setting until I swell to my full hardness, and then I like to cycle through the patterns and just let myself be present and focus on what feels good. I’m essentially holding the device in place on the end of my cock with any movement just very subtle adjustments at most. Since I’m not moving, I can relax into the experience and just feel the sensations.

Interesting to me is that there is no one vibration setting that makes me orgasm every time. Instead, I find that I have the best experience when I just continue to cycle through the 8 vibration settings, staying on whichever one is feeling good until I feel like I want something different. Switching through like this keeps the sensations new and changing and refreshing in a way that continues to build until orgasm.

A few things about the orgasms you get with Otouch Ninja. First, Otouch Ninja does have the ability to make you cum very quickly and it can be hard to hold back if you want to last longer. This could be used as a training device if you have issues with cumming too fast or it can be a great way to get a quick release. Two, frenulum orgasms like this are very intense with a pleasurable build-up but I find them to be shorter orgasms once you hit that peak pleasure moment. I think it’s because your frenulum gets really sensitive as soon as you cum, or at least that is my experience. Also, for me, with this device, there is a window of orgasm opportunity. If you don’t cum quick, there is a certain amount of time you can continue to use the device to reach orgasm before your head just begins to become numb to the sensation, and then it becomes really difficult to cum after that.

Marketing Claims

Marketing for Otouch clearly comes from outside the US so some of their claims may either be hard to understand or at times are a bit misleading. Looking below you can see what I mean, especially with the tongue jumping around like that. Just know that this device heats up nicely and has internal vibration. That’s it.

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