Sex Love Coffee

What more could you ask for?

Talking about sex brings us all closer together.

At SexLoveCoffee we share erotic stories and sexual experiences. We review sex toys and talk about love and intimacy and the bonds that hold us together. We believe that sex is beautiful, masturbation is good, and sexual desire is a lifelong journey.

Sex is beautiful

Sex should be positively empowering and fun. It should be a mind and body release. It should make you feel good about yourself and your relationships. You should never stop learning, experimenting and indulging your body. You deserve amazing orgasms for a lifetime.

Masturbation is good

Solo play is a necessity to fulfill your own sexual potential. Exploring yourself helps you to understand your own body and what you like and it ultimately makes you a better lover. Sex toys can be a big part of this exploration, giving you a safe environment to "try on" your fantasies. Having said that, in our opinion, whenever possible, sex and sex toys are best with friends.        

Sexual desire is a lifelong journey

This conversation changes over the decades but when viewed most simply, there is a rainbow of sexual desire and we all should be able to explore that rainbow. Our only caviate is inappropriate age, consent, and caring. Don't be a creep, communicate with your partner and care about their satisfaction as well as yours. As long as we are kind to each other, communicate our needs and listen to our partners, there are no limits.

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