Affiliate Marketing

We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest in our articles, stories and reviews.

We love to tell a great story and we strive to be truthful in our story telling. This holds especially true in our product reviews and recommendations. We do belong to affiliate marketing programs in which we can earn a small percent of sales (commission) from customers that use our links to go to recommended products and ultimately purchase. If you are on our site and click a product link, it may be an "affiliate program link." This revenue is how we can take our time to write interesting articles and provide detailed reviews.

We only right honest reviews.

Aren't we motivated to make as much money as possible by writing good reviews on everything and creating as many affiliate links as possible? No No No.... There is no incentive for our reviews to be anything but honest. For one, there are so many amazing sex toy companies and products on the market today that we don't have time to seek out the bad ones. Secondly, and most importantly, our key motivation is our readers and building that long-term relationship. We have a passion for this content and we want to help our readers find amazing experiences. From time to time we will write a negative review but that is usually because we got our hands on a product that we thought would be great and just isn't. In general, there are too many good, interesting, fun, quirky products to review already, so why waste time on the not so good ones? We love to test these products and share our experience so you can feel confident in what you ultimately bring into your sexual adventures. Affiliate links are just our way of keeping the lights on.

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