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Sexual Healer

As a massage therapist, I consider myself a healer; and as a healer, there are moments when your energy becomes intertwined with that of your client. These are magic moments. These are exhausting moments. These are the moments in which you can do the most good and the most damage. This was one of those …

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Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing

Naked and full of apprehension, I lifted the sheet and positioned myself on the massage table. Facedown, as usual, I waited for Cameron’s touch. As he entered the room I felt a momentary cool breeze but as the door closed the air in the room quickly returned to its tropically moist, sheet optional, state. “How’s …

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The Annual Gala

Spit dripping from his fingers, Tom’s hand feels familiar under my dress; his forefinger pulling my panties to one side with surgical precision. Behind me, his breath in my ear, his arm around my torso and thigh, his cock bulging through his pants and pressing against that curved, tender space where my lower back meets …

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Sparks from the past

As promised, I didn’t look up, didn’t meet his gaze. I stayed focused, lifting my knees and pulling my panties down and over my ankles and then leaning forward and removing my bra. I laid back again and spread my legs wide, moving both hands down to my lips and spreading myself as if to invite someone in.

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