Stories to Inspire

We all need a little inspiration from time to time.

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Man's Soft Caress

Man’s Soft Caress

It was exhilarating, people pushing against me from all sides as our bodies moved to the music. I used my ass…

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Sexual Healer

As a massage therapist, I consider myself a healer; and as a healer, there are moments when your energy becomes intertwined…

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Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing

Naked and full of apprehension, I lifted the sheet and positioned myself on the massage table. Facedown, as usual, I waited…

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The Hunter and the Prey

The Hunter And The Prey

Sitting quietly at the little marble bistro table, she took the last sip of her second gin martini. Other patrons had…

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It Started with a Tweet

It Started With a Tweet

Tweet SarahSiren001: Hello World. First tweet. Writer exploring new genres. Be kind, I’m a newbie. Friends anyone? Reply MarksFolly7:Hey there, welcome to…

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The Artist’s Touch

Autumn rubbed Emma’s wetness up and onto her clit and then slowly laid the toy flat and moved the stem directly…
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The Annual Gala

Spit dripping from his fingers, Tom’s hand feels familiar under my dress; his forefinger pulling my panties to one side with…

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Sparks from the past

As promised, I didn’t look up, didn’t meet his gaze. I stayed focused, lifting my knees and pulling my panties down…
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Three Men Came to Help

I spent the afternoon setting the stage, thinking through the experience and unboxing my new sex toys. I thought through how…

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